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    Hi. Thanks for responding.

    You just have to go into settings and assign which outputs you want the patch to go to. Keep in mind, your master volume only controls outputs 1 and 2.

    Yeah, appreciate that... but as I said Pro Tools doesn't 'see' outputs 3-4-5-6. It only sees the main LR pair. If there's a way of making those OPs appear in the PT I/O setup, I don't know it. Any ideas, P&TY???

    Hi there.

    Xander here from the Canadian prairies. Been a Virus TI2 owner now for five years. This is probably a 'noob' question but since I've not previously had occasion to use this feature I thought I'd better ask.

    So, how do I use the two additional pairs of analogue outputs on the Virus in Pro Tools (11.3). It's no problem in Cubase, thankfully, but Pro Tools only 'sees' the main out pair. Just to clarify, I want to be able to use outputs 3-4-5-6 for external processing whilst monitoring the rest of the audio on the main outs (1-2).

    If anyone could help I'd be most grateful, please and thank you.

    Have a great day! :-)


    Hi Muzikman.

    Thanks for your contribution; I'm very glad it's working too!

    Glad its kinda working for you XR...

    I think the main reason no one replied is, they don't use pro tools

    Yeah I was starting to get that impression. I'd certainly never use the MIDI in Pro Tools — it's garbage haha! And of course the Virus worked perfectly in Cubase 6.5 right from the get-go. One lives and learns eh? But now I'm on the way to completing two projects for clients in PT which is great [large sigh of relief].

    I guess all this means my own frustrations may lead to less for others, and that's a good thing. :-)


    Well blimey, it's working.

    After months of difficulty, those lovely people at ASIO4ALL have saved what remains of my patience. The very helpful Bill from Avid support suggested I try ASIO4ALL, so after rescuing the mobo I did. After a relatively painless bit of faffing, it worked. The latency is a little high, but liveable.

    I will comment that the sound quality has definitely changed. When using the Virus directly, despite the massive delay, monitoring is crystal clear. With ASIO4ALL, this is no longer true. It's not bad, but not what I'm used to. I confess I'm not sure how this is possible in a completely digital signal chain (some kind of resample maybe?), but I'm not going to deny the evidence of my ears. Now, this being said, as long as the damn thing's working I ain't gonna complain. For mission-critical mix jobs I can go back to PT addressing the Virus directly. For post, though, I'll have no choice but to use ASIO4ALL as there's no delay.

    So if you've got PT11 + Virus and you're experiencing horrendous delay problems, give ASIO4ALL a try. It's not the solution, but it is an answer. Now I can *finally* get into USING the Virus rather than just looking at it with a sour face. :-)


    Hi Flabberbob,

    Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate your time.

    I'm not a PT expert, but maybe you are using a WDM output instead of an ASIO one?

    Actually I've gone through and totally disabled all that stuff so it only has the Virus available. Avid have been no help (in fairness, they've kinda tried). After numerous backings and forthings between they and I, and a lot of time spent by me doing the various tweaks, their 'suggestion' was to use the on-board soundcard. WTF?!?!?! I politely replied that the high quality audio I rely on for my income will not be subject to ruin by something which was built with the cheapest possible converters, Further to this point, I didn't spend several thousand bucks on a computer and kick-ass synthesizer to have the problem pushed aside like that. But anyway...

    Flash the BIOS on the mobo, they say. Mobo died. A lot of tinkering and faffing about later I manage to resurrect it. I install the latest mobo drivers and stuff from Gigabyte. Oh what's this? Now I can't even load PT because the farkin' iLok doesn't work. It won't recognize my account. I reset my password. iLok control center works, PT still won't load because it wants to be 'activated'. Funny, I thought I already did that. Neither does the dongle work for Cubase. 'Device driver was not successfully installed'. Really. So let's see... I now have a shiny new BIOS (great!) but no PT, no Cubase, no iLok and no dongle. *#%^$^ @#&%$ @$(*#^%#!!!!!!! Perhaps suicide is a preferable option after all — I'd be left with more hair. :-)

    Ironically Cubase was, up to this point, working SUPERBLY with the Virus, as were my other softwares. But my clients demand that I have PT so what the hell can I do? "Oh no, you'll really like Cubase, trust me..."

    This has been nearly 8 months of frustration and wasted time and I feel like just sticking the whole damn lot on Kijiji then having a big f*** off party on the proceeds (I'm quite frustrated; you may be able to tell). If you have any ideas which could help, I would be so grateful. Even if not, I *do* appreciate the fact that you replied. :-)

    Cheers, Xander.

    Hey folks.

    Windows was installing a 'High Definition Audio Driver' despite having no associated device (obviously I've disabled the on-board garbage). I looked at this driver in detail and it's all signed by Micro$oft, so it's actually part of Win7. Once I'd disabled this permanently, the Virus started performing perfectly with PT11. Hope this helps anyone else who's been experiencing this or a similar issue.

    One thing I've noticed though; upon launch of PT the Virus' application priority defaults to 'normal' rather than the Access-recommended 'high'. I've been changing it manually to start with, but I'll try it a few times on 'normal' and see if it works out. This new computer's fiendishly fast, so it might be okay.

    Just to clarify, I'm NOT using Virus Control in PT11. The Virus is simply acting as the audio I/f and I do all my MIDI work in Cubase. I've heard, however, that an AAX version of Virus Control is in the works for any other PT11 users.


    Hi folks.

    Some months after having posted here about various problems I'm now equipped with a new computer, new Cubase and so on. You'll be pleased to hear that the Virus performs flawlessly with Cubase now and I'm having some fun with it. :)

    The problem I now have is in using the Virus as the audio I/f for Pro Tools 11. Upon playback there's a full two seconds of delay between what's happening with the software and the audio output. For example, I hit play and don't get audio until two seconds later, then when I press stop I'm still hearing audio for two seconds. The actions match the audio but there's this lengthy delay. Now, as I'm mostly mixing tracks that I've rendered from Cubase this is a pain but I can learn to live with it. However! If I ever plan to record audio — and I'm sure I will at some point — or do video post work — as I definitely will in the near future — then this is something of a knotty problem.

    Sometimes it doesn't play at all, just sits there with stop highlighted and the play button flashing at me. Goodness knows what that means.

    N.B.; I *don't* use Virus Control in PT. In fact I don't use PT for MIDI at all. The Virus is simply there to move audio in and out. I've set the Virus up according to all the instructions and stuff (although it really doesn't like 128 samples' latency in PT. 256 works smoother). I am aware that PT11 is brand new software and, as everyone knows, it's a work in progress. ;) So this isn't necessarily the Virus' fault.

    I wonder if anyone's had similar issues or, even better, found a fix. Any and all help greatly appreciated, thank you. :)


    Hey Flabberbob.

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. Bl**dy hell, yesterday I was reaching the point of pulling out what little hair I have left! :-)

    I did indeed contact Access Music support and I got the confirmation so I guess they'll get back to me and we'll see what happens then. Interesting about the corrupted install files, I wonder what on Earth causes that. Anyway thanks for your help pal, I appreciate it.


    Latest update.

    Virus TI Software - will not unpack.
    Virus TI Software - will not unpack.
    Virus TI Software - unpacks successfully.
    Virus TI Software - will not unpack.

    After following the instructions precisely and to the letter, this software seemed to work and updated the Virus' OS and patch banks. However, this was on a shared USB port so today I went and got a dedicated USB card for the virus. Of course it didn't work so I cleared the system out using Revo Uninstaller and went for another kick of the cat using the new card. But now during install I get the message to connect and power up the Virus, and the PC dings when I do. But when I click 'OK', it tells me it's 'rolling back action' and I then get 'Virus TI Software Suite Setup ended prematurely'. It gives the reason as 'an error' and doesn't allow me to go any further.

    If anyone could please help me I would very much appreciate it. Or, I could just send the thing back and redeem my two grand. Whatever.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    PS. No joy on the shared USB port any more.

    Hi Flabberbob.

    Thank you so much for your response. I've tried WinRAR, 7zip and Windows' own unpacker... same result each time. I've tried both 5.03.00 and 4.53.00.

    I downloaded a slightly older public beta archive ( and that decompressed just fine, so goodness knows what's going on with the newer ones.

    However, I do at least have software on the machine and it comes up in Cubase. Today I'll grab meself a dedicated USB port and hopefully the road will become a little smoother. :-)

    Thanks again!

    Hello folks, thanks for reading this post.

    Absolute Virus newbie here. Haven't even powered the beast up yet. This is because the sheet that came with it requests me to install the software on my PC first.

    Here's the problem though; the RAR archives always come up with an error ('C:\INSTALL FILES\ACCESS VIRUS\Virus TI Software Unexpected end of archive
    ') and won't decompress. I've downloaded them eight times now in the hope that it was simply a transfer error.

    Would someone kindly suggest another source of the software or a fix please? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


    Oh PS: If anyone would like to shoot me this software in an already installable format, I can create them an FTP account via work, no problemo.