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    Can the Virus Ti2 load in its 128 user bank any Multi sounds ?? for example my Korgs have Combis and Roland has Live sets,Yamaha has Registrations ..if it does Multi sounds would it be nice just to have them in there just to hear this part of the keyboard ! This is a new keyboard for me, I would like to use it to its full potential .. Any help with this would be great !! :D :D PS I downloaded user sounds will they have any Multis sounds in them ??

    Quote-Regarding topics not showing, what browser were you using? Did you try another browser? Yes , plus other computers and same problem .. I did talk to others that go to the Virus forum that have the same problem . I am on many !! other forums and have never had this problem .. I have up to date Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 . when I log off of forum with Internet Explorer 8, I can see all the post .. And I have read others on the forum with the same problem I have .. You see its hard to understand because I have never had this happen on other forums .... Oh and thank you for all the info , I love this new Access Virus Ti2 and want to learn as much as I can to master this keyboard as I do all my many !! others.. I have been working with Synths for over 30 years . Made many of my own , Still do .. Regards , TotallyKenny Thanks again , :thumbsup: , PS I see there is a lot of great info on this forum and I just want to be able to read it ..and ask questions ..

    I am new to this forum , but I am on many others no problems at all !!!! And I am a registered member here. But when I look for any post . I can find a few . but when I click on a topic here there is nothing ?? This happens in many places on the forum.