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    Which is not true at all: It works with current day Windows systems. Regardless of the subject.

    your argument is not valid , you in The wrong thread maybe read the subject . Let them mention then to suppliers and all selling platform that this synth doesn’t work with Mac OS Current day systems , it’s outdated , it just work for windows. Still illegal selling it the way it is now with no disclaimer. You have Windows good for you but you might want to consider other people with your arguments.

    legally they should not advertise or sell the virus line up without mentioning that it only works as midi and no longer support the current day systems. Other than that it’s misleading and giving stocks to outlets is misleading and unfair. They should just raise the flag and close the shop that’s the position they in Right now they just give up ! Please announce your discontinuation and closing of shop so we understand this is really a bad experience. You think you can float the ship with no captain and hope you make more money. Just announce it’s over and retire so we can move on.

    am trying to understand will the virus TI at least work as midi ? Or does it completely stop working with Catalina /Big Sur ? I don’t want to use midi cables and audio cables I only want to use the usb option. It’s my main midi controller and if the case this is a big problem can someone please confirm ? Thanks

    How can access sell virus products when it’s not supported ! Do they know how many customers they making upset ? People still buying and Access is not doing anything about it ! How am I going to use my Virus TI 2 now ? I don’t want to deal with the midi and sync issues I prefer the usb I think we all deserve an answer from Access !

    Hi everyone I was wondering if someone can help me making the I remember chords by deadmau. I tried it replicate but couldnt get that dreamy pluck. Anyone can share the preset pleasesss ????

    Hello everyone I was just wondering how come no one mentioned about the preset browser in Virus TI Software ? It is very difficult to navigate at the moment. I am sure VIrus team can make it lot more organized . For example Native instruments browser set up is fantastic . You simply can chose type of instrument , attributes and type of sound sort of categorization which is lot easire to navigate that the current in Virus TI. It will give the software a great boost and more user friendly any chance to get this update in 2014 ????? I would event pay for such an update because I love my virus TI .