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    Don't really have everything setup in either pics. Too much equipment and too small of desk which I plan to change soon (very soon).

    harisk - I'm experiencing the same issue and only get 1 output to the mixer vs. the 3 that access' support has told me we have available in FL.

    If anyone has a working solution or tutorial for FL10/11 it would be greatly appreciated.

    The max you can get out of the virus is 3 out puts. I'm currently working with FL10 and 11.
    I'm actually in your same boat.
    The FL project provided by access and all the threads I have read still only allow me 1 output and noway to record the audio in its highest quality.
    Hopefully there is someone using the Virus in FL 10/11 that has a solution cause I would be grateful.

    Still, this screenshot worries me:
    [Blocked Image: ]
    As there should be 3 outs, not just one. I vaguely remember having a "crippled" VST for the Virus for backward compatibility - so try to see if you have an option to select a different VST for your model of Virus, in the Virus installation folder.

    Any ideas on why I'm not seeing those 3 outs. That would at least get the work flow going if I could route 3 outs to the mixer in FL.

    If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.

    So here is my idea and bare with me as I'm a noob but I don't understand why the VST based software can't simply update to do exactly what poise does as a VST.

    So this has 16 outs 1 for each pad for this drum pad vst called poise image in the FL studio wrapper -

    [Blocked Image: ]

    You can see poise on the left and the virus on the right.

    So why can't we just add outputs so that it would route correctly? I would assume this just a VST based update right?

    [Blocked Image: ]

    So then add some selection so you can pick which one it routes out to through the main virus VST page -

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Then it would work like this just routing down the line -

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Or do we literally need 16 outs from the actual virus synth to be able to accomplish this in FL? That seems kind of silly after all this data should be able to be transmitted by USB right?


    BTW the FL template doesn't fix the issues or help with the routing problem. Its outdated and doesn't really help with anything for FL10 and 11.

    Maybe I'm completely off and this actually a huge change for access, but I'm more then willing to be called a fool to figure out my answer or solution.

    Man this DAW just sucks. FL Studio 10 & 11 on one of the fastest comps on the planet.

    Routing to the Virus VST to midi outs in FL works like a charm. So now I have built this project with 16 sounds all coming from the virus + various other vsts and samples. Now here are my issues.

    My problems:

    - Major latency issues with my Motu UltraLite Mk3 & FL10/11
    - No ability to route all 16 individual sounds from the virus vst to the mixer so they can be processed individually. Since the latest wrapper update nothing appears the same in the PDF's.

    Tried the FLP that doesn't work to route the channels, tried changing the master channel to 98.6 like suggested by another user, and have been messing around with various settings. Follows all the PDF's

    Basically I purchased a Ferrari, I've got gas, the keys and everything I need. Unfortunately the damn garage door won't open so I can't even pull it of the garage to drive it.

    Anyone have team viewer and can take a quick peak of my setup would be happy to make it worth your while. Cold hard cash for a fix! :)


    I'm currently using FL studio 10 and 11. I wanted to know if there was a way to use the virus in a way that I can route all 16 sounds to individual tracks on the mixer. I'm not having any luck and wondering if anyone else has a solution?

    In the image below I have 4 sounds that I'm currently using 1 through the instance of the virus vst and 3 midi out plug ins correctly routed. Now I want to get them to the mixer individually so I can apply effects and eq individually?
    Is this possible?

    Image attached -

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Just wanted to say hello!

    As I finally got around to registering my the lovely white Ti2! I've easily fallen in love with this synth.

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    Looking forward to diving in a bit more.

    @The Access Team - Nice work thus far with this synth. I'm impressed.