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    i would love to know the deep dark mystery of why this never happened?? i mean, not remotely in a cynical way, id just like to know why or how its not possible to code the protocol for USB2 data transfer to and from a TI??
    does it just completely fold and crash when you guys have beta tested data send at that rate?? what is the hold up that meant the TI2 etc never got this treatment.

    i was searching around for a decent second hand TI and ended up going for a new TI2 on the basis i believed this was USB2 compliant. now i realise it means the ports themselves are capable but the firmware itself hasnt been coded to make this possible so we're stuck with 1.1
    i think its safe to assume half he developed world would want to have your babies if you pulled this off and let us have full un abridged USB2 or even USB3 data handling. id name my son after you. he wouldnt like it, but it would happen lol

    hi chaps. my name is Russell. im a fulltime composer and very new to the world of all things Virus. i just picked up a new TI|2 to add to the arsenal and can i just say, a big than you for all the tips and hints about how to make this work.
    i had in advance, checked through all the settings, bought a PCIE USB card and by the time the TI2 came, it all just run perfectly. no hitches, juts perfect. and thats down to your advice and solutions i have read here.

    i have made this my main controller keys and im still getting my head around the amazing things this synth can do. nice to be part of the gang.