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    Could you please give a detailed step-by-step instruction? I've managed to install Win10 on WMware, run Audiorgidder server on Win and a VST on Mac, but still can't make vst communicate with server... Feels like i have to shit on my face to use my TI ;(

    You need to install the 'vmware tools' in your virtual Win10 from the 'virtual machine' menu.

    In the vmware settings make sure that a network adapter is configured for win10. I have it set to 'share with my Mac'

    You need to know the IP-address of the Win10 virtual server:…ows-10-device-ip-address/

    Make sure AudioGridder server is running on win10. Go to you DAW on the Mac and then I run the Agridder AU instrument. Click on the little icon next to 'not connected' then on 'Add' and type in the IP-address of Win10. If all goes well you should be able to connect now.

    Did it work? (I'm not in the studio right now so I cannot find more details). If it worked it might be handy to configure Win10 so it has a static IP address, otherwise it might change and then you have to find out the address again and you need to set up the AudioGridder plugin again.

    That would suck resources (RAM and CPU) way too much for my liking.

    I tried my own solution. It does take some resources on my 2017 MacBook Pro, about 2gb of ram and some CPU. I used Windows 8.1 setup via VMWare, Windows 7 had some graphics issues . It did work but Audiogridder was a little bit buggy. I have a Windows 10 PC somewhere which will probably work better for this purpose.

    You can use the Virus via another computer with the free tool Audiogridder. It allows you to stream virtual effects and instruments via a network from an old laptop or Mac Mini for example where you have connected your Virus TI to.

    Or you just use one Mac with Catalina or the next iteration of macOS, but in order the use the Virus TI on one computer you need a little bit more work:

    First you install the free VM manager or VMWare, install Windows 7 or something similar in it, install the Virus software there.

    Connect the Virus via USB to your Mac and let VirtualBox use that USB connection. Install Audiogridder on both the Windows 7 VM and macOS.

    Your VM and macOS can communicate via a virtual network (which is created by VirtualBox). With AudioGridder you can then use the Virus TI in you macOS Catalina DAW.

    If you use two Macs, remember you can create a network over Firewire or a Thunderbolt cable if you want to.