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    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I have only recently got this new toy :D . What I want to do is use the usb only for changing patches etc from a laptop, and trigger the sounds via Midi and use the analogue outputs from my music PC. I can't run the software on my music pc as I have Xp Sp1. When I try to get it working, once the Virus has the USB lead attached it only works via USB not there a way this could work?

    Switching off the lan stopped crackles but left some clicks and I was still having sync problems which Ive now resolved that with a complete reboot of my laptop installing the latest cubase 5.1.2 32bit version, the latest virus driver 4.02. and all left all settings as initially set up as win 7 apart from setting - power managemnet to performace. Now the lan is always card is running and doesnt have any interference. Id try this first if I were you, Ive got no clicks, pops or sync errors at all at the minute touch wood.

    If not the Lan connection is in my case is accessed by clicking start button - control panel - network and sharing center - view network sharing center and tasks - then in blue writing in the middle of page is "connect or disconnect" click this and it will disconnect. On my laptop you can also disable the lan in bios. Reboot pc then press f2 or whatever you machine says to enter bios, you should have a disable option in there.

    One of the above will hopefully sort it

    cheers Chris

    Thankfully got this sorted at long last. ^^
    After buying a new laptop early this year, I have been having serious annoying crackles and even sync problems using my ti2 with cubase 5 on windows 7 via virus control. After changing usb settings, virus audio driver settings. Latency settings, usb leads and even reverting back to cubase sx3 and having given up returned my TI2 back to access to check it :S . I found the problem to be the inbuilt wireless lan card is the problem. Id not previously disabled this as my ti2 worked fine with my last laptop that had a wireless and was not causing any problem. It was that simple 8o . Got a really fast daw and a shit hot TI2 working in sweet harmony now ^^ .

    Marc I dont know whether this is related in any way but ive just got cubase sx3 working on windows 7(it wouldnt work with it previously) with other hardware and softsynths and its more stable than ever.

    Quantising isnt a problem anymore not like on windows xp, its spot on and audio is perfectly synced. Ive never used my ti2 with windows 7 and cubase sx3 and cant at the minute as its in for testing but this is a good sign that cubase 5.1.1 on windows 7 that may be unstable/ incompatable.

    Ill see what the absoulute music dealer verdict is.

    I will certainly try this combination with my ti2 when its returned.

    If you can find any windows 7 -cubase 5.1.1 and virus Ti2 incompatability issues at your end. Also using audiodriver is asio4all2. Hope this combination is on the way to trouble free virus music making. Fingers crossed :rolleyes: :whistling: :whistling: :?: :?: :?:

    There were two support numbers but that was the main one.

    I believe it was you who did a test with the ti2 connected to laptop running windows 7, 4gb ram 2.2 intel processor - running cubase 5.1.1 and also a mac of the same spec and you said it was a no go on the windows 7 laptop. That was back in february and I dont have the email that you sent back. i dont recall you saying windows 7 was incompatable, just that it was a no go. I can sometimes get the crackles and sync errors to a minimum but they come back after several minutes.

    Cheers Chris

    Yes ok no worries. In my defence I did think my problems were related to the other users problems.

    I have frustratingly been working on my setup for the past year to fix my problems. Maybe your right it is not for me as its not the user friendly, easy to use synth that it claims to be.

    If it is a setup issue I will certainly try to claim my money back. In fact thats a good idea and would certainly resolve any issues I have.

    Had enough of adjusting settings on cubase/ pc, my ti2 just doesnt seem to run smoothly even with cubase 3sx on windows xp. im getting nothing finished as im always adjusting device settings in cubase and usb settings etc to improve the reliability, which isnt really working. Ive returned my ti2 back to the dealer for their testing. Ive never known a synth cause me such trouble with syncing and detune with cubase. Even the pure analogue synths i used in the early 80s with a bog standard sequencer were less trouble. I hope im gonna get some positive feedback saying there is a problem, cos im 100% convinced there is!!!

    The problems Im experiencing are crackles and sync issues.

    Im not too clued up on setup of internal usb devices and how they work. Externally ive connected to a usb flash drive, printer, phone, dvd rom in the past. After reading how to setup the usb ports for the virus to work best Ive reset my usb ports so they dedicated to and free just to process signals for my TI2.

    Im currently using windows 7 home premium , 32. 4 gb ram, 2.2 intel processor. Ive got the latest op system on the virus now v4.0 so Id have hoped that would have fixed it, but it hasn't.
    It seems all the pros are using a mac with logic or ableton as far as I can gather and I appear to be in the minority with my cubase 5 and windows 7 setup.
    If my ti2 wont work smoothly with a windows pc then I need to know and either get a mac or sell my ti2 and get something that will.

    Due to frustration with the above over the last year Ive sent my Ti2 back to the dealer to test for any problems as i want to be sure its not the unit before the warranty expires.

    If my ti2 turns out to be free of bugs etc. Ill be looking to get the usb setup sorted if anyone can help or hear from any users that are having no problems with sync and their setups, if they are visiting or posting on this site. Ill post the outcome of the dealers verdict. In the meantime if anyone has any positive input please reply to this or preferably email me at All I want is to make good music at the end of the day. :wacko: 8| ?(

    Ive just looked at the new ti setup guide and it says crackles can be caused by an interupted usb signal. It is advised that you use and allocate one usb for use with the ti im not sure the best way to do that, Ive installed the drivers etc, but my ti2 works with any of my 3 usbs I plug it into. The crckling is present on all. I keep adjust the device settings to minimise this. Any one else suffering from these crackles. My setups a windows 7, 2.3ghz, 4 gig ram running cubase 5. I just want to get rid of them for once and for all. :love:

    I Hardly had any snyc issues till I used windows 7 and cubase 5 together with my ti2, im bearing with it as i dont use it professionally until hopefully I find a suitable fix. I am reverting back to windows xp and cubase 3sx to mix anything down through. It still the dogs bollox when it comes to the sound though so however frustrating Im not getting rid of it.

    I spend hours doing updates, adjusting settings on both cubase and the virus ti to get the best out of it. I probably spend more time doing that than music. It is frustrating but the results are amazing if you perservere but I admit Ive wanted to throw the bloody thing at the wall or simply sell it a few times :cursing:

    Doh!! STill getting problems with crackles despite all the adjustments, setting laptop to its fastest optimised setting works better although doing mixdowns is a gamble in cubase export to wave/mp3 and Im having to free us voices by removing effects as the laptop reports CPU overload. I thought the virus was supposed to do all the work and free up the pc/laptop memory. Annoying and time consuming. I need a mac, that apparently solves these issues. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: