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    Hi There

    Can someone please advise...

    I am using my Virus Ti2 Desktop in logic.

    I have only 3 midi channels setup... and for example, Midi 1 sent to USB 1 L+R Midi 2 and Midi 3 sent to USB 3 L+R

    When i save, close and reopen logic project, Midi 2 and Midi 3 are sending to USB 1, not 3 or whatever else is is assigned too...

    i thought that might be the situation. Still boggles me how playing 3 parts you can maximize all the voices. Such a love hate relationship with this piece of equipment. I guess i will just bounce straight to audio once i have my midi laid out,

    Hi There

    I have my virus hooked up via USB in Logic Pro 9. I was noticing this problem and only just now have realized what is causing it. Is this normal?

    So i have 16 Midi channels setup inside Logic Pro pointing to the Virus.

    Midi 1 and Midi 2 have two patches (plucks on them) - I have these then routed to the USB 2x Output channel on the virus and have setup the Aux inside logic so that i can EQ and FX to taste.

    Midi 3 inside logic has a virus pad.

    The problem occurs on playback, the Virus will just drop the pad sound (or sometime just the lower notes holding the higher notes). That pad will keep playing (looping) around and sometimes pick them up again then dropping spontaneously as the playhead plays over the midi notes.

    However if i mute the Midi 1 and Midi 2 Regions on the arrange page, the Midi 3 Pad plays perfectly on the Virus.

    Is this a voicing problem? Is this a limitation of the Virus? Or should i be able to have a fair few Regions all playing at once, or do i need to immediately bounce to Audio?

    The regions comprise the following:

    Midi 1 / Region 1: 6 Note Stabs (3 notes and then same 3 notes copied an octave higher)
    Midi 2 / Region 2: A copy of Region 1 (not alias)
    Midi 3 / Region 3: A 5 note Chord on Bars 1 and 2. Then a chord change to another 5 Note Chord on Bar 3 and then another 5 Note chord drop on Bar 4.

    Hi all.

    I have had my virus for a little over a year and a friend who was over the other week noticed how little volume the virus puts out. He is also using the VIRUS on his studio setup.

    I have it plugged in via USB and as an exampe, if i load a patch, the volume meter in logic channel strip will typically show -26 (Thats with the volume set to default 100 in the Virus Amplifier) If i crank the volume in the Virus AMP, the logic channel strip will bounce up to about -11

    I seems SUPER quiet and im not sure if there is a fault or if this is common?

    Using latest OS on LP9.

    Make that 10!

    Im very new to the Virus, would really appreciate any knowledge that people are willing to pass on. Have done the Access Tutorial and was interested to read about peoples thoughts on the self modulating the filters etc.

    Merlin, would really appreciate that PDF if you ever get the time.

    Hi all

    Total newbie here, just got my virus, loving it loads.

    Quick question, if you have made changes on a patch, is there a way to undo them in an instance when you have not realized the changes you made (similar to Ctrl Z on the computer)

    Secondly, i have setuo the midi channels in logic so i can load several patches into the virus software. I load a sound into say, the first 4 midi channels on the virus software. Is it possible to save this "instrument" of 4 stacked sound patches so i can recall them in another project?

    All the help much appreciated. :thumbup:

    Hi All

    I just got my new virus, gona be good fun. Real basic question hopefully. I have it setup 3x out. If i accidently change the sound patch (from within Ti2 desktop softwar in Logic pro) how can I undo so the previous sound patch loads back up.