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    I can play in A Midiline now with my Radias and put it in the Midiline for the Virus. The Virus play it than...but this is no Solution...

    I worked now the whole Day on it. Please help.

    Hello i have a Problem again, the other 200 Problems with this Synthesizer i solved by myself, but this Time it seems more difficult, and sadly im not a Rocket Scientist, maybe we have an Expert here that can solve it.

    I played my Virus 2 Years directly i turned the Knobs without any Programms, i was using this Synthesizer like to the Time the first one came out in the 60' s lol

    Now i wanted to controll it over my PC Screen like all do, with this Programm :

    I have allready installed it and the Programm itself seem to work, i mastered the Problem with the Audio Buffering, the Low USB Ports and some other Stuff.

    But i can not go on with this Problem I try to describe as best i can in English

    I either use an mIdispot 4x4 but i take it out, to make it not anymore complicated as it allready is.

    My Microx is the Masterkeyboard, it controlls the Virus
    I use MidiOx for this.

    I start Midiox and it works. I can controll my Virus in Windows np.

    I start Sonar Home Studio 7.

    The Controll gone, i can not controll the Virus anymore.
    But its still there ! No Problems in the System like Virus gone or anything.
    If i use a ready Midiline he even can Play it. But it will not react anymore to my Microx to play new Midilines or Melodys...

    The Edirol UA4Fx is my Soundcard. i allready put the Virus in it and controlled it over Midispot...same Problems...

    i tried all Midi/Audio Lines in and out.

    How can i still controll the Virus if its in Sonar ?

    Update :

    I just realised that NO Synthesizer works if the Virus is connected.

    I made my Midispot in again and connected my Radias over it it works without ANY Problems.

    Thank you.

    Hello again.

    So about this Sound its a nice LFO

    But it does whatever it want, how can i make it play more in the Beat that its more in the Rhytm.
    If i play it in different Melodies its totally out of Controll.

    sry for my English again !

    theres nothing more difficult to describe than this xD

    I even would have Problems in my Mother Language lol

    oh yes i have the Virus Ti Desktop. :thumbsup:

    oh somehow my Post dissapeared. Again : THX ! i understand it after only one time reading ! If the Song is finnish i will show you if you want !

    <Hello thx for your Answer i will try all this now !
    Its not easy to understand because of my Englisch !

    So i first tried to check the Phasers LFO there are 3 Pages :

    Mix, Freuquency and Feedback

    Mod Rate and Mod Depth

    Stages and Spread


    Where is the "notch filter"

    I have now found out in MOD Select i can chooseLFO2 bipolar and unipolar and i can put it there together with Phaser Mod rate to an running LFO ?

    I want the LFO open slowly the Filtercut or Phaser, that its complete open after maybe 30 Seconds. But there is the Maximum 16/1
    You know what i mean ?
    Is there only us 2 on this Page

    Hello all !

    My Name is Daniel im from Germany and im new blablabla : D

    So excuse my English please i will give my Best !

    I make my Question quick, if you want to know more about me you can ask me .

    Im registred without Virus btw, maybe i registrated allready before.

    I have the Virus TI Desktop.

    And im happy with it, but im not a Programmer so maybe you can help me...

    As the Top say allready i want to make the Phaser Effect in the Rhytm, so that it has a clear Line to follow.

    That the effect is in the Beat and not "wild" if this is the right Word. Thank you !
    Daniel from Germany !