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    Hi Virus TI users. How do I make this effect just BEFORE the melody starts to kick in? its some kind of pitch down technique. I've tried to fool around with both LFOs and pitch envelopes but doesnt get it to sound right, eventhough it sounds pretty simple to do.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    It can be heared @ 26seconds in this clip. It's just a simple pitch down just before the lead kicks in.
    If you get what I mean?

    Is it the same synth or an other instance of the effect that is added after before the lead?

    Any simple way to make this? Especially using the virus ti (since Im using it).


    I agree, this is a good idea! I've been searching alot for tips and tricks regarding hardstyle leads in VIRUS TI (Since every single proffessional hardstyle producer uses either the virus C or the virus TI synthesizer).

    I would like to know tips and tricks regarding layering and modulation for a big fat hardstyle lead sound such as Audiotricz, Headhunterz, Brennan heart etc.

    Here are a few of tutorials I've come up with (although I don't find them super good, but some of them might be relative to hardstyle sounds):

    (VIRUS C)

    (VIRUS C)

    (edit: ADDED this video 26/11-14)


    I'm trying to make this sound:…co&

    @ 0.46 sec in the clip.


    So my question is:

    How do I make this sound using the VIRUS TI2?

    My problem is when I'm trying to layer a detuned saw with the supersaws I've created in VIRUS TI2, and assigning a pitch modulation to envelope 3 in the filter (to get the type of hoover sound/screechy saw), I tend to go out of tune. How do I get it back in TUNE with the other supersaws? this is what it sounds like:

    @ 0.33 you can hear both of the sounds together. And separate before that.

    How do I get it in tune but still having the pitchmodulation affecting the lead? I want that effect, but I want it to still stay in tune. As you hear it's not in tune after the modulation has taken place.

    Answers are HIGHLY appreciated as I've been trying for a while to nail this type of sound. The answers would mean alot to me as this is a primary source of sound in my productions.

    Thanks alot!


    I'm wondering if there's any way to get the same effect as in sylenth1 using the retrig button and the phase knob?

    Is it possible to achieve this in VIRUS TI?

    Here's a picture of what I mean:

    In this you see the retrig button next to "voices" and the phase knob next to "detune".

    This is specifically used for some punchy basslines, like in this video:

    Any answer is highly appreciated! Thanks.


    I'm just wondering how often u turn off your virus TI and how often you SHOULD turn it off? is it on even on the nights or do you simply turn it on when u want to use it and turn it off when u dont use it?

    I'm thinking about keeping it on all the time - will it affect the virus itself?I'm thinking about the LED lamps and the circuits inside of the virus itself etc.

    Answers are really appreciated! thanks.