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    Found the answer over at the Unofficial Virus forum. In windows>>Documents/Access Music/Virus TI/Patches>>>Drag and drop. Pretty simple stuff. The hard part was finding the info. Couldn't find it in the Quick Start Guide or the Reference Manual. Today I'm going to jump into side chaining and automation. Really love this synth.

    Just noticed your response Ruari. Thanks.

    Can someone tell me how to import a sound bank of 128 patches into the sound library? I have a bank of Virus TI custom presets that I'm trying to load. Havn't found a way to do it in Virus Control software.
    Do I need to do a sysex dump into the hardware or is there a way to just load a bank of presets into the sound library of the plugin? Thanks for any response.

    Please Access/Jorg provide MPC Renaissance driver for Virus TI it would be the greatest thing sense sliced bread or even better a stand alone editor. Maybe iPad editor app? Maybe this year at NAMM? Granted The MPC DAW is not as widely used as Pro Tools but the population is big and growing.
    Anyone using a kit with a MPC Ren and Virus TI Im happy to share notes to help and learn being I have chosen to convert my rig down to just these two bits of gear as the hub of my rig.

    I have an Akai Ren that I have loaded Virus control in. Works fine except for one thing. The Ren does not output midi clock over usb at this time. I'm using 1.5 latest version. This is a problem when arps, delays and lfo's drift out of sync. The midi clock/usb issue is supposed to be resolved in a future update.

    Ok, I solved this problem on the Sonar X3 forum. If anyone else ever runs into this problem here is the answer. In the Sonar track inspector, there is a little drop down menu just below the effects bin on the midi track being used. This is where the midi output channel is set. I was under the impression that the midi output channel was selected in the midi channel strip on the console as several other DAW's are setup. This is not the case in Sonar. The only thing selected in the midi channel strip in the console output drop down is the actual vst you are sending midi data to. It is labeled Virus TI 1. I took the 1 to mean channel 1.

    Anyone using Sonar X3 with a Virus TI2? Hoping someone has the answer to this problem. I load Virus control as a vst. Everything works fine except Sonar is allowing only 1 midi channel rather than the 16 that I need. In the midi track output drop down menu, all that I have is Virus TI-1. There is no 2-16 no matter how many midi tracks I have. I've checked all the options in the Sonar preferences midi menu. Is there a setting in Virus control that I'm missing? Thanks for any response.