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    That actually does sound like a groundloop problem, are you using balanced cables from the Snow? Balanced cables or low-z both send audio 90 degrees out of phase of each other so they can cancel out ac hum. The other thing you might want to do is get a power conditioner. They aren't that expensive and they can save a lot of valuable equipment.

    I'm generally in favor of having the midi editor split off, I actually have a MOTU midi timepiece AV I use for all my midi tracking and routing, so the USB audio and midi is actually pretty meaningless to me, but I would love to be able to have an editor work with it via that setup. My laptop doesn't have a dedicated hub, other devices use it, like the built in camera.

    That being said, I'm a long time user of the Virus B which never had that kind of connectivity, and I have no interest in selling or getting rid of my Polar just because the TI part isn't as awesome as it could be. I personally love it as is as a hardware synth and would buy it again regardless of the TI aspect. I figure a good external midi port is much better, and the virus knobs are laid out very nicely. I'm always surprised at how people will sell it so quickly in the forums. I've used soft synths for years, and they never sound as nice as the TI.

    As far as computers go anyway, I've always had ridiculous problems with them and all the DAW's I've used (FL Studio is pretty reliable I have to admit) and that aspect of computer recording I seriously doubt will ever go away. Especially with computer OS's being a moving target, symantec eating up all the computer bandwidth, driver updates for every OS etc, etc, etc. I can't say how many of my recording issues were due to cruddy graphic card drivers.

    Working configuration thread sounds like a good idea to me :)

    I've actually just experienced this and it wasn't even connected to the computer. I'm using a polar, had it on the same preset with some tweaks for a few days, played it this morning, then left it for a few hours and when I played it again it had that awful lower octave sounding sound to it. I know I haven't tweaked anything except the reverb and delay since this morning. I had to switch to another patch and tweak something to clear the edit buffer. Switching back afterward had the patch back to normal. Using OS 5.04.02.

    I've also had the whole keyboard go crazy after playing the demo song a few times. Once included a spontanious power down, another a fairly repeatable stuck note that played regardless of the volume setting or patch changes. Generally though everything is rock solid so that 2% of the time thing isn't bothering me too much. I just make sure to save often...

    I would love to be able to use the keyboard on my Polar as an arp editor, each white key being a step, velocity hit for that step being the velocity for that step, holding one key then another key would be the hold for that key, shift and a key would set the last step played to the interval played, and maybe the top four keys would map to something like step clear, previous sixteen steps, next sixteen steps, etc, and the three knobs could also be used per step, perhaps glide amount.

    I almost never actually have this hooked to a computer, so my Polar and I would love to be able to quickly set these up!


    I would love a shift lock function where hitting shit twice would latch it until it was hit again, or another button was pressed. Some of the hidden parameters are hard to tweak whilst also playing with one hand and hitting shift with the other :) Of course I would also like to be notified that shift was locked on the screen somewhere.


    I'm a brand spanking new TI2 owner, but a long time Virus B owner (1999) and I've been happily using a custom controller setup within various apps like Fruity Studio rather than any third party plugins. I've been very happy with this setup, especially since I'm running under Linux ;)

    I can't imagine the USB audio driver working correctly anytime soon, and I would love to be able to control the synth using a VSTi in Reaper / Fruity Studio with Wine and the TI's hardware audio outs.

    I'm going to try and get this running under virtual box (I've seen the other threads) but I'm hopeful and very comfy with Linux so who knows?

    It's a serious gamble for any hardware manufacturer to tie their product to specific (and fickle) operating system manufacturers, because in a few years their hardware is unusable if the OS changes enough.

    My Virus B runs under Linux ;)

    I certainly don't want to spend another $800 for another windows box to kick around.

    Also if it's interesting for anyone at all, I'm also a programmer and wouldn't mind working on a driver for linux and pulseaudio/jack2 hint hint...


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