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    Hi. Did you find the solution. I want to sequence my Virus Ti2 Desktop from my Akai Force and send audio to my hardware mixer.


    Lately I've found this solution, which I have yet to test:

    When you are in SEQ MODE: press Edit, scroll to the output setting via the arrows > parameters, and set output to "off".

    Press exit then press Shift + Edit (aka multi edit), there the same: scroll to output, then set them as you wish for the PART of your choice.

    Hope it helps.

    Hi everybody,

    I am from New Caledonia, a French territory next to New Zealand and Australia. I've been having a Virus TI2 desktop since 2014, but never found the perfect setup to enjoy this beast as it deserves.

    I've recently bought an Akai Force which suits particularly well my needs and workflow, and since then I've discovered again the fun of sequencing and playing with my Virus. I have yet to dive deeper in all its intricacies, which I've not taken enough time to do since I got it, partly because I'm short on time, and partly because I'm quite a lazy guy.

    Lately I've found a number of useful informations on this forum, and decided it was time to say hi to you all.