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    Gary Numan used polymoog keyboards 280A for these infamous string sounds in the early days.
    A few years ago I have sampled the first 3 Polymoog 280A presets.

    [Blocked Image:]

    - Vox Humana (High string sound on "Cars", the Pleasure Principle, Telekon, Warriors and Berserker albums)

    [Blocked Image:]

    - String1 (Wobling fast phaser sound on "Cars": intro and chorus)
    - String2 (Used on various songs)

    Download them here (choose sfz+wav). These wave files can be played on every wav player.

    I have tried to program the Vox Humana on different synths. Some were very good but making an "exact" replica is nearly impossible.
    Mostly they lack warmth and fatness and sound much to bright in the lower regions.
    However the Virus Ti does (should do) an excellent job. The trick is to use a Saw and Pulse waveform.
    Use correct LFO's settings --> pitch and Pulse width modulation and a 3rd LFO for this classic sound.

    I am a new Virus TI2 owner. Give me some time to learn how to program the Virus and I will post the patches when finished.