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    Hi all,

    I've had my TI2 for around 18 months now, bought from new and was so excited to get it going!

    I've tried for ages to run through USB and utilize the AU plugin to control the virus but I just cant get it to sync! I've tried every USB hub, disconnected all over devices and even purchased a powered USB hub which hasn't helped. I've uninstalled, reinstalled and even updated to the latest OS which hasn't helped. I've set the plugin to the physical and USB outputs which doesn't change anything.

    I am using a 2015 Mac Pro with 32GB ram, SSD, Logic X 10.2.0 with all the settings as per the instruction manual (process buffer etc).

    What else can I do? I am dying to unleash this machine and its depressing that I have to stick with MIDI! Do I need a different USB hub? Should I try through Thunderbolt?

    Thank you in advance!


    Hi Marc,

    Not yet, what's the best point of contact for tech support on email?

    For the sake of curiosity, I did unplug every other device connected and sync was better. I do have the virus on Port 1, nothing on Port 2, and the USB keyboard on Port 3 with an external.

    I do have the newest powermac and have no powersupply or hub issues previously.


    Happy New Year guys!

    I have a Virus TI2 (that I purchased about 5 months ago) and I just cant get the thing to sync!

    I'm running Logic X with a 12core 2014 Mac Pro and neither the AU plugin or when running midi bring me an in time response! I have other sound modules and synths with no other issues!

    Any ideas on what I can do here? I program alot of automation and would love the plugin to work but it doesn't seem possible.

    I've disconnected all other midi devices, connected it directly to the Mac Pro and not through a Hub, used no other Midi devices and still no joy!

    Thank you!

    Thanks Selone,

    Quite annoyed with it to be honest. Its probably the best synth out there but it has crazy sync issues! I have already done that and its very slight timing issues but means I have to comp the audio after.

    Hey guys,

    I am currently running the Virus TI2 in Logic X and have slight issues when using the Virus Plugin! Timing goes in and out and is never perfect when playing back!

    Any help is really appreciated and thank you for taking your time to read my issues :( !