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    Hello, I sent an e-mail to support few times but they didn't reply.

    I use Ableton Live (64bit) on Windows 7 (64bit). I have 8 GB of Ram. Virus software version is (I tried to roll down but with older versions I had the same issue)

    DAW is rock solid when I don't load Virus Control plugin. But when I do it crashes immediately after loading. Virus works well as standalone synth without any problem, so I don't think that is hardware problem.

    I made some research in internet and I found that this problem may be caused by one of .dll files (Virus Updater_x64.dll). Crash log ( confirms that.
    I know Access can provide modified .dll file, it will be great if I get one.
    For now I have TI without any possibility to run it in my DAW