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    Hello amazing people of the virus world ,
    I have a quick question and a bit of a puzzle , I'm convinced it's my fault and there is a simple and effective work around (as always) but here goes.

    as I am currently having Motu express 128 issues I am back using the Virus control centre within Logic as a plugin in order to keep the work flowing the only issue I have now is getting a decent sync and flow between my hardware as I am back to only having one MIDI out on my Saffire Liquid 56 and limited usb availability on my macbook pro , the issue I'm having is that I wanted to use the MIDI THRU port of the Virus Ti to send start/stop to my electron Machinedrum whilst jamming around inside Logic , I have my Virus plugged in Via USB my Roland TR-8 via the one available MIDI port and wanted to get the Virus to send the clock messages out to the Machinedrum but can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong here does anyone have a quick and easy solution ?

    many thanks in advance for any help.

    can anyone help I hope this is on topic , ... kind of any way , is there a way to either create a text file of your banks to paste into logic ? I'm not using the software anymore and am using the Virus as an external instrument but have no access (pun intended) to the banks in the DAW .... I looked at some 3rd party software to create an environment for Logic to get the banks in but it's a little pricey for the amount of use I'd ever have out of it , so is their an easier way to copy the bank into text somehow then paste them into Logic x so I can have a little more control.


    I have a similar question , I'm using the Virus Ti (1) and have all analog outs plugged into my multi sound card(s) what I would like to do is be able to say have all six outs in mono so that I can have six individual parts being triggered by six separate midi patterns in my daw , (Logic Pro X, Ableton 9.5) so that I can then launch said midi patterns as part of a live set and tweak each part individually on the hardware as and when they are needed to keep the performance as live as possible . I am using a midi motu express 128 to manage the midi for my external instruments , as I want to cut down on the amount of usb inputs being used (pressure on motherboard) on my MBP , and in essence also cut down on the cpu usage which will hopefully give me more freedom in a live scenario , is this possible? ,my problem would seem to be that when I have the virus in multi mode and attempt to change each parts output , the virus seems to want to change each part in the multi set to that same output across the board instead of being able to have individual control over each one it changes them all , am I missing something? I'm guessing that it's something really basic and a total doh moment but if you don't ask you'll never find the answer. anyone out there that could shed a little light on this would certainly be a life saver .

    thank you in advance for any help.

    big love. L