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    No need to get uptight sheesh. Anyways I fixed the clicking issue after installing a new CPU. CPU spikes caused the audio to click. Thanks to a helpful website. As for the kick. Recording multiple kicks and then find the perfect tone. Sometimes people like myself are in a rush and forget to explain the topic. Its called being human. Anyways Good product, but horrible website community.

    Hi I have a question. Don't think anyone will respond on this site, but its worth a shot. Looking at Slim phatty and was wondering. Will I need another sound card? Says here 2 Outputs / No Input: This mode offers two stereo outputs (one main output and one auxiliary output). Also, the Virus doubles as a stereo input/output sound card.

    So all I need to do is hook up SP into the virus and I will get sound into Ableton? Right now only using Virus ti snow with one set of studio monitors.

    Looking into buying HD 700s, but worried about the overall sound quality coming out of the virus ti headphone output. Right now testing my fathers headphones and the volume seems weak at 60% levels. Using Sennheiser HD 598. Is there a difference in loudness if I got the Sennheiser HD700s ? Would I be wasting money ?(

    Hey sorry to add, but my problem stems from a clicking sound. When the virus ti stops in the middle of a sound I get this annoying clicking sound. no CPU spikes or Ram is 30% usage.

    Also would like to know how to stop the virus from phasing the sound. making kicks has this annoying phasing added effect. Any tips on fixing that?