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    Hi there, All the sounds are unique none are presets.
    However in some instances I will start with a sounds and then delve in and change them to be what I need.
    Rule of thumb tends to be lead sounds (those that are at the front of the mix) are pretty much full program, background bits a bob for filling, customised presets. Seem a pragmatic way forward

    Hi I'm using Windows 7 with and maudio 1010 sound card. I plug in the audio 1LR output into the sound card and all is good I can hear the Virus.

    As soon as I open Cubase the audio is dropped. It is not even registering on the sound card.

    I have made sure that there is the appropriate audio bus set-up in Cubase and that the Virus output in in the VST is set to audio 1 LR.
    (and I know I can export the midi to an audio file and then reimport it but this seems very lame)

    Can someone tell me what is wrong......