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    Uhhh...I've been searching for 1hr and didn't find it I will be home I'll see if I have something printed down.

    Mhhh...that track, Back reaaaaaaly bad recorded :(
    It was my first track after a 5 years long pause, making no ears had to go back into music-making, it was the first track with the Virus TI, and in the middle of the track I changed both soundcard and monitors :D

    Yes, I created/recorded/sequenced everything into Maschine, mainly using just the controller, building the song chaining the scenes, leaving space for live tweaking/FXs/rolls and so on...nothing more.
    I think the "studio version" could be quite different...well...not so different but for sure more refined and modern.
    The second part of the track is really techno-trance from the 90s :D :D :D A bit too much :D

    Thanks a lot guys for the suggestions, I appreciate them a lot! Music is learning :)
    I totally agree in all points, melodies need more movement, snares are a bit dry and yes, flanges are louder than they should be.
    I also add that transitions need some more tricks and complexity to be more modern and less "from the 90s" ;) :D

    The whole track in facts is a "Live Edit", made quickly into Maschine MK3 with the aim of being live is not a "studio work", you know what I mean...
    Later this year I will switch it all into Cubase where everything is less intuitive but really more comfortable for editing every single detail in melodies, sounds and transitions...and publish a real studio version of it, not just a "live edit"
    Lately I found myself sketching ideas and tracks really quickly into Maschine in this way, and then refinishing them into Cubase.
    Being Maschine usable as VST inside Cubase with a complete audio/midi integration, in one hour you have all the elements ready to get started :thumbsup:
    Thanks again guys, have a nice day full of good music! :)

    Hello people!
    I just finished a simple trance track that I made mainly with the Virus (not the drums) by multiple resampling in Maschine MK3.
    Everything was composed/recorded/edited inside Maschine.
    There's also some Reface DX, Blofeld, AN1x and Pulse (bass)...but main melodies are from the Virus.
    Ok...the FX at 0:55 and repeated here and there is Virus. Background electronic riff at 3:27 is Virus, and the same are the lead at 3:56 and the one from 4:55 until the end :)
    Hope you enjoy it!

    I listened to all demos & even if some sounds really similar to a Virus, other sounds bring to my mind the Blofeld and Microwave XT...not a Virus clone, a great synth, but personally something I don't need right now.

    Thanks for the feedback and a happy new year!! :)
    So, yes, bass is an old Waldorf Pulse (not the 2) and the TB-303 is ABL3. I found this VST to be soundwise more convincing than other hardware clones around (I sold both the Aira TB-3 and TT-303 to buy this VST and I won't look back).
    @psylence: the "gliding lead" is made with the Waldorf Blofed, a square and a lower saw, synched. Delay and Flange FX are added by Native Instruments Replika (lovely for psy stuff). Synch and Flange together do the magic, I suppose :P The short arp is the Virus, 2 squares detuned and a rate reducer :)

    I think it is, but there's a workaround:
    Setup a soft-knob to use a CC#, use the same CC# in Modulation Matrix as a source and your Tape Delay Feedback as its destination
    Now the choosen softknob will control Tape Delay Feedback

    While I never did this on the TI 'cause I always used the VC plugin for organizing patches/banks, I did this on my old Indigo2 by sending .sys dumps.
    This is possible on the TI too.
    Also the Virus Control Center has functionality for dumping banks if I'm not wrong...