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    Thanks EvilGus for the reply. I am using an RME UCX sound card and would not consider using the Virus for that job. The fact that track syncing will still happen via the USB is a real killer. I am so frustrated with it all. I will have to learn to program the Virus through the hardware which actually defeats the purpose of why I brought the thing in the first place.

    Hey Mr Mowgli, thanks for the reply. I am not sure what you mean in respect to my question. I am still a massive noob when it comes to the Virus and midi :)

    I have my fingers crossed and am hoping you have described a way that allows me to use the TI software to send ONLY midi data via USB and hopefully eliminate these sync issues as the virus now no longer has to stream audio through USB 1 connection. I am probably demonstrating my lack of tech know how with that last sentence.

    I guess I am asking is can anyone suggest a way that I can use to avoid the sync issues related to complex patches etc – I am prepared to even go down to the Midi route

    Hey guys,

    I've not had a reply and wonder is that because it's a stupid question or is it because the answer will break my heart ?

    Can I use virus TI integration software to program MIDI data in my DAW via usb ? My reasoning is that I can then have the audio out via the analog outs and side step all the sync issues since I never use the Virus multi timbrel function any way ?

    I hope what The above makes sense

    Any chance you can try using it with the audio out 1/4 jacks and see if that resolves the problem ?

    I have not used an indigo but I feel its a USB issue to you maybe having

    Search the forum for best USB set up if you really want to use it or send access an email with your issues

    Just the patch I have been working on for the last week!!

    I mean that when I set the envelope amount for the filters they will hold their value for a couple of seconds and then snap back to zero - so that my sound no longer has the 'pluck'

    I am going to buy some analog 1/4 inch jacks this week and start using the Virus audio outs really hoping if just using midi resolves the issue

    Will let you know

    I've certainly not heard of one for the Virus. There is a guy on YouTube called 'Synthacker' and he does some really grate sound design tutorials on Massive and Serum that can be translated to the Virus with a bit of elbow grease. I think in one of them he creates a Rhodes type piano so maybe you could use that as the basis to start designing.

    The Virus from what i can tell is mainly used for electronic sounding timbres so if you really need a Rhodes maybe go for something like Korg Kronos / Yamaha synths

    Hi there, I've decided that I would like to ditch the Virus TI2 USB streaming of audio as I find it too problematic in my current set up.

    I would like to ask if I can still edit the software via USB but send the audio out via analog at the same time without having to use MIDI connectors.

    I'm not really familiar with Midi and would like to avoid the hassle of having to learning it if possible.

    If the above is a work around that can keep my Arps in sync I would be over the moon.

    Please help, any suggestions (apart from TI via usb) would be really helpful

    Many many problems with the TI. I wonder has anybody come across one where the filter enveloper amount keeps on resetting. I can now no longer shape my sounds. Please help. I am using via USB and the access is on its own hub. I am running Cubase 8.5 and RME ucx. thanks in advance

    :) I've only heard the YouTube vids but even those sound great plus the functionality is the game changer. I have never used the Montage AWM2 synth engine and I am quite comfortable with Virus subtractive synthesis that I wouldn't swap - just yet. p,s Dakshra nice soundcloud!!

    I am sure it is dead. I just ordered the Yamaha Montage which pretty much offers the TI flexibility with DAW control, integration and 16 channels of audio via USB. Yes it is very expensive but it takes a LOT of processing away from my PC. When a heavy hitters like Yamaha gets involved with USB integration coupled with the substantial company resources they have behind them, it really would not make much sense for Access to release another synth to keep up in today's high tech market. Development costs would be sky high and do they have R&D team to do so? I would not sell my Virus however because its still a very good synth but it is what it is. Good luck guys

    I think it's dead however music production technology continues to grow and develop. I am contemplating spending £200.00 on a new VST like serum etc but I would rather pay for an access Virus TI2 update that could bring the synth in line with the newer soft synth. I am not a programmer and have no real concept of the company resources needed to upgrade the current TI software but I would certainly be willing to pay for it as I am sure many users would as well. Look money makes the world go round and if that's what it takes to continue development for the Virus then please sign me up.

    I brought a virus recently and was sold on the idea because of the integrated IOS and continued support but now realize that its a company that's at the end of its run. I feel the guys at Access have taken the hardware as far as they can and really doubt there will be another IOS update. Just hope people do a lot of research before spending any money on Virus hardware.