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    Your MOTU has no audio inputs? That's too bad. You definitely should get one that have audio input for drect audio recording. The Virus will have punch. The first try I made with Oxygene 4 was using USB on two computers as USB can be used only on 1 computer. Since I have the midi interface with an audio interface that have multiple audio input, I recorded Oxygene 2 playing by hand track by track and it gives a much bigger sound. For my two first covers, all sounds and noises come from the Virus only. I just used an external phaser more suitable for Jarre's sound and of course an emulated Korg Minipops7. If the virus could handle samples, I would transform my desktop into a drum machine. But I don't know if it can do it nor how.
    Using the virus with the plugin gives you ease of use of course, but because of the plugin you' limited to 48KHz. Using old fashion cables gives you 96Hz and you don't have to ask yourself "is it compatible with my OS?" MIDI/Direct audio does not care about the OS, it's all made by the synthesizer and audio/midi interfaces hardware way. Not software way. This way, I really rediscover the sound of the Virus, TB-3 and TR-8. And no need of compressors or what ever with direct audio recording. Adjusting the volume is the best weapon.

    Nice track!

    Nice gear you have: Virus Polar, Roland TB-3, MOTU hardware...

    Here, I'm using Virus TI2 Desktop, Virus TI2 Dark Star, Roland TB-3 and Roland TR-8

    We have some common hardware :)

    My work is more humble than yours.
    I'm following you ;)



    Nice track.

    You could enhance the sound by using midi and direct audio recording. Record all tracks one by one as full resolution wave files, mix the wave files aftermath. It will give you much punchy and bigger sound. It's more time consuming, but this way you'll be able to get rid of USB plugin limitation (48KHz) and have 96KHz resolution.

    Personally, I use the plugin for making sounds. Once done, I save the sounds in a mid file and flash it in the Virus and use midi then I do direct audio recording. For the automation, no problemo, most parameters are available as MIDI CCs or use your fingers to turn the potentiometers.

    @EG: Looks like the drums are coming from the virus. At least, to me, the drums sound synthesized. In the ROMs of the Virus there are a lot of usable drums.



    Here is another attempt to recreate Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygène part 2 with the Virus. All sounds and effects have been recreated on two Virus units. Phaser and Minipops7 are external plugins.
    Sequences and melodies are hand played.
    There is still one noise missing. I can't find it. The noise I'm still searching for is the first noise you can hear in the original track. The noise sounds like descending from high pitch to low pitch that alternates with the wobbles.
    Any help will be more than welcome.

    You can listen to it here:

    I hope you'll like it.



    Hi there,

    For my first contribution for the community, here are the first 3 sequences made with the step sequencer and their associated sounds of Poker face from Lady Gaga for Virus TI2.

    I have the Virus for only a few weeks, so the sounds can be enhanced. A little help or thumb push to make better sounds will be gratefully accepted.

    Unzip, copy the Pokerface.mid file to your Vuirus' patch folder and enjoy.

    Meanwhile, I hope you'll like it and have fun with these 3 patches.



    Nice work!
    To me it's a kind of mix of Jarre & Vangelis or very inspired.

    I had my Virus today, so I'm in the process of learning it. I'll post music too when I'll handle it correctly.

    Helle everyone,

    I'm from France and finally, I just have had today a Virus TI2 Desktop and I'm really happy with it.
    For sure, I'll have to learn to use it. But it's part of the fun!

    You can check some of my works on my soundcloud page.

    I hope you'll like my works and don't hesitate to comment!

    I have worked on orchestral music for a decade, now I've decided to jump and move on to synthesizers by starting with the virus TI.
    Give me some time to learn to control it :)