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    How do the people at Kemper even sleep at night? You could have whipped up an update in no time. Are you boycotting Mac's yearly update system? That's the only reason I can think of for not doing your job. Even then it's a bad reason. The instrument is advertised with certain features which it should always have. And if it is boycotting it's just another fine example at how lazy Windows programmers are. Yes, it may take a little extra effort for you to keep up with Apple, but you guys are supposedly esteemed in the profession, this really shouldn't be hard for you to keep up with a higher standard of programming and workmanship.

    This is just bad business practices. Have Kemper and whoever no sense of ethics. I didn't buy your instrument for all the perks to have you skimp on them at a later time. The main reason people buy this instrument is for the MIDI over USB and even if it wasn't an update isn't too much to ask for an instrument with such pedigree especially after so long. Mac updating their OS keeps things nice and tidy. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from them. I say this only because it's been a year since Catalina came out and we've heard no word about Big Sur compatibility. Just ridiculous. 5 year-olds could have made an update by now. An update after a year isn't too much to ask for from such a skilled team of coders. Please show us some love.