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    I don't understand why Access has been so shy to disclose any news - I prefer the message that says "it is progressing, we have some issues to fix, and it would come before summer" rather that not having any communication. Even if it is not a very glorious message, at least it shows that Access cares and that they work for their customers.

    By not communicating, Access always sends the message that it ignores its customers base (fan base).

    It´s pretty obvious that they had to fix some issues, isn´t it? They rather stick to real news and skip the rest. Access is doing a lot of communication and the best customer care I ever experienced from a synth-manufactory.

    I designed that sound on my Virus and got a pretty good result. Make sure to modulate the cutoff with velocity. With that high resonance you can "play" the overtone spectrum. This effect is one of the things that makes this sound so special.

    Amazing as always! Thanks Access! Looking forward to the new filters and envelopes :thumbsup:

    One question though:
    Why are the new filters "removed" from the filter interface and instead placed in the effect part of the Ti? This made sense for a frequency shifter, but now it kind of separates the extra filters. I'm guessing the default filters are hard-wired into the synth, with the new ones being more of an insert effect, but why not make them the part of the filter interface, perhaps similar to the new envelopes, having a tab for switching between filters, and more importantly, having a direct modulation link section?
    It won't matter to the expert users ofc, as we'll tweak it though the mod matrix, but your less techy users might find it less than obvious to use and modulate, not to mention being in a bit of an unexpected place.

    Just an idea... :)

    From my understanding the difference is that the new filters are not polyphonic. In the normal filter section each note triggers the a new filter envelope. Imagine the filters in the fx section as an external piece of gear that processes the audio signal. Please correct me if I am wrong but that´s how it should work.

    A third envelope would be really useful. I wonder why Access does not implement it into the Virus TI. I mean, we get all that amazing features but no way to modulate them with an independent env. Would it be too hard?

    I am mad as hell! I had a lot of problems with the latest beta OS so I switched back to 4.05.01. I removed the whole software before and deleted the .dll in the vstplugins folder. After rebooting my system I installed 4.05.01. The virus control center tells me that hardware and software are on 4.05.01. But still the Control Software won´t start and says"driver versions mismatch".
    Another great thing about this is that my system (win7 64bit) gets a bluescreen when I try to install the virus. It usually takes two or three attempts before it "works".
    I am close to selling this piece of junk, I have been into trouble with it since 2006.

    I know, I know "don´t hook the TI to a hub"!
    Problem: I have only ONE usb port at my macbook because I shot the other one. I know that there was a trick to run the TI on an iMac which included some command line prompting. To make the situation even worse: I have Windows7 installed on my macbook. Is there any possible way to get the TI running on my hub?
    Another thing bothers me: The fried usb port works with osx an winxp but not with windows7. I don´t blame Access for this because this is a really strange and rare combination but perhaps you have some good ideas!
    Thanks a lot.


    thank you for this answer.

    You are welcome!


    how many different tracks/part/channel are you playing usualy with you TI?

    It depends! I have a lot of synths so it can be just one, or up to eight tracks. I don´t feel any difference in the performance. Even complex patches with high cpu use (the TI shows the cpu usage in the display) run smoothly.


    you never had any trouble of synchro even with the arpegio?

    Can´t tell! I hardly use the arpeggiator (which will change with Version4 because of the modulation capabilities).


    i have a lot of plugs in addition wich take a lot of cpu (east west orchestra,BPM,albino)

    No problem with that! I use a lot of vsti and other hardware synths and experienced that the TI works fine as long as the computer is not totally at its limit.


    i heard also that for an imac 7 for example there a trick to do to separate the usb.
    but after this trick done does it work perfectly with the TI?

    Don´t have an imac.


    and does it alterate the computer in any way?

    Yes. It turns into a powerful and easy to use electronic instrument. ;-)

    Hi Access,
    I started using Atomizer with Ableton 8 on a Win XP SP3 machine, installed on my Virus TI Desktop (1st version) with Motu 828mk3 audio interface. I use the Audio Input via USB method to get the sound into my Virus. Everything works fine, no latency, no glitches. BUT after I selected another track in Ableton and played some keys there and then switched back to Atomizer it´s dead! Signal is processed through correctly but nothing happens when I play the keys. The problem can only be solved by switching off the virus and restart Ableton. I tried different Ableton songs to exclude a special song as trouble-maker. Any help? I would love to use Atomizer at my nex live gig but I cannot restart my system every eight bars. :-(