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    Of course it does - derp. As I say - I only had a quick crack at it last night when I got the last bit of hardware I needed. The work around I came up with was using a sysex librarian on my (android) phone which allows me to save patch presets of multis from the virus and quickly recall it, which is ok given i've got a large library of stuff i've built over the years, but there's no editing of anything apart from what I can do on the Snow/on the computer itself, which I want to get away from. obviously that's where your app comes in as it lets me do the editing etc.

    I understand the time frames and reluctance to promise anything, so no drama there. It would be much appreciated, but obviously you've got your life to live and things to do. Even if you can upload patches (the .mid files) off a computer in to the app through itunes or something like that if pulling them off the virus itself is too difficult... but I know nothing about app programming so have no idea how this is done.

    Thanks again for your efforts! I've got the next week off work so i look forward to making the best multi patch in the history of time ever.

    I also genuinely appreciate the responsiveness of you on the forum to answering peoples questions regarding this app. Have a great weekend!

    This app is super fun, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something (to be fair I've only had a quick play with it before I had to go back to parental duties).

    Is there any way to read the patches that are already in my Snow and store them in the app (where, for instance, I can tweak them further and then hopefully load up the new tweaked version), and is there any way to store patches created in the app in the RAM on the Snow? I'm guessing that I can't write to the ROM at all with the app seeing as it's not official and everything - that's no drama.

    At the moment my setup is Octatrack as a sequencer into a midi patchbay, and that sends out about 5 channels of midi to my modular, the virus, and a couple of other synths. I'm already not using the computer (and want to remain that way) but unless I'm missing something, I can't store patches created in the app on the synth? If not I'd really like it if you could add that, and if you can already do that, can you tell me how to because I'm obviously a bit slow today! (just to be clear I have the full version, not the demo one linked a couple of posts above)

    Even if you can't, it's still loads of fun - thanks for the effort of creating it!