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    Windows 8.1, 64 bit, 12g ram Virus TI 5.1 Audio Driver: 2.9.6 MIDI Driver: 1.0.64 Soundcard: Scarlett 18i6

    I am having a problem with the Virus TI2. It is constantly crashing my computer when running Cubase Artist 8 64bit. When I open a project or during the middle of working on the project I'll suddenly get the BSOD. I have run full scans and all my hardware is okay. I suspect this is a driver issue with the Virus TI2. Below are two sets of crash dumps. One is collected by windows, and the other is collected by Cubase. Also my full system specs are included.

    I am still in contact with Access but they haven't responded in a week. I was told that the Virus drivers were causing the crash based on the crashdumps. How can I fix this?

    so I'm having some issues when I bounce audio from the Virus straight into FL Studio.

    Every time I record playback from the Virus into FL Studio the quality isn't as high when it's coming straight from the Virus VST. My In & Out on all channels including master is set to the Virus.

    Hello all I'm currently running FL Studio 11 (64bit) with my Access Virus TI (5.1). I have it connected via usb and it's being used as my main sound card.

    - I have the Access Virus VST loaded in FL Studio but he problem is only 1 channel works in FL Studio.Whenever I assign a new preset to channel 2, no audio comes out of it.

    Hey all so I've been reading more about the Virus TI2 & FL Studio 11. The general consensus seems to be that FL Studio and the Virus don't mix well? I want to be able to use my Virus at it's full performance. Currently, I am using it as my ASIO Soundcard with a USB input. I'm not having too much latency issues (yet).

    After reading the manual I saw this, "In general, we recommend you avoid using a USB hub between your computer and the Virus." - I don't really understand what they are asking. How am I supposed to get total integration if I don't connect via USB ? What is the MIDI in / MIDI out for?

    Also, I use a Novation Launchkey Mini with my setup. Usually I use it get some inspiration / easy access midi but when I plugged the virus TI in the MIDI no longer works. My DAW isn't even registering any movement. I still see the Launchkey Mini in the audio settings. The MIDI is not connected to my Virus but I assumed I could just use it to control the Keyboard in FL Studio. The MIDI will not work with other VSTs either.