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    I want new hardware like Virus TI3, with much more DSP power etc <img src="" alt=":)" />

    Exactly. I loved the Virus TI2 but I had to send it back after three replacements (all hardware faults).

    I also spent 50 euros to get a third party editor/librarian so really not happy about this.

    The TI integration was not working properly neither on Mac nor on a monster PC, it's simply old technology and at this day and age with all those poweful VSTs around it's not realistic to be solving problems when you are in the middle of a busy session.
    I hope if and when TI3 comes out it will be a breeze to integrate it with the DAW with super stable software. And please make it work so that we can use professional interfaces with it (RME, Prism Sound). I think the biggest problem with the TI was that it was trying to carry audio and act as an interface so it was introducing latency, midi synchronization problems, glitches etc even on very powerful systems.

    I hope Access keeps it simple but effective this time. I am also looking forward for a TI3 as it was a bit sad that I couldn't have my TI2 working properly.

    you would probably be able to get rid of the squeaking but that would involve opening up the Virus and taking the key bed out. that's nothing you should do with a (new?) unit. support will take care of your issue for sure.marc

    Hi Marc, Thanks for the reply.I have already sent back one Polar (totally different problem). I was kind of hoping that this problem would fade away and it might be because the keyboard is brand new. I would really like to avoid sending this unit back again and wait for the new one to arrive. Do you think that this squeaking problem is here to stay? Only asking because I bet you've seen way more TI Polars than I do :)

    Hello everyone, it's nice to be here!

    I just received my new Virus TI Polar and I have a problem with a key on my keyboard. Whenever I press it it produces a incredibly annoying and loud high-pitched noise like squeaking.
    I've seen another post of a user that had the exact problem like I do but it's from 2011 and he never said whether he solved it or not (or if the noise went away after using it eventually).
    I am pretty sure it's not going to be a huge issue but I am hoping it will go away because it is so loud it really fools you into believing that it is part of the sound.
    I have already emailed Access Support but while I am waiting for their reply I thought I'd post here as maybe someone has a practical solution for this.

    Thanks so much!