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    I thought of that and tried to rule it out, it does not seem to be a problem with the mod wheel sending info, and if it was I should be able to correct it by moving the wheel until the original sound came back, shouldn't I?

    I've used this controller for other synths, "via midi" and have never encountered this problem... Only with the Virus and Virus control, part of the reason I sold the Snow was to hopefully get rid of this problem, but I seem to be having it no matter which Virus I use or VC software I install?

    Have you ever heard of this problem before? I also was having an issue of Arp's drifting out of sync?


    Hi everybody,

    Hopefully someone can help me, I now have a Virus TI Desktop, I had a TI Snow previously with the same issue.

    I'm running Pro Tools 7.4 on a g5 Quad ppc running OSX 10.4.6.

    I am controlling the Virus with a Radium 49 midi out to midi in of Virus.

    When I open virus control everything starts fine, I load a sound start programming or recording midi no problem, then it happens after a couple of minutes, the sound changes, not to a different sound, but instead the sound "any sound I load" gets a vibrato sound to it, almost like somebody has tweaked one of the LFO's or something. I have to reload the sound to get it to go away and then after a minute or two it comes back.

    I have tried every available VC version and I get the same issue, like I said this has happened with the Snow and Desktop?

    It is making the whole TI thing unusable, and very frustrating!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.