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    Each part has its own MIDI channel, so of course it can be done from a DAW or Sequencer of choice...I use AKAI MPCX as a controller of the Virus TI2 Full keys. In the MPCX I create a plugin track and assign a midi channel to the track routed to the TI2 Plugin. You can have multiple instances of tracks on incremental MIDI channels assigned to the same plugin instance of Total Integration. Works somewhat fine in plugin mode but sometimes I notice it looses MIDI Sync. I have also tried a few times to control the VIrus TI2 via MIDI ports directly. That is how you are going to get the best results. The plugin software interface is flimsy and does not always yield the best results. Well the Virus is getting up there and shows its true age with somewhat limited USB throughput...Still amazing to this day though. I don't fault it that it was ahead of its time!

    After one weekend of trying to figure this out, I finally found out the culprit and it is sad that this is not mentioned anywhere. You have to go to Config and turn LOCAL mode ON...Everywhere on the AKAI forums people are saying that Virus TI2 no longer puts out Audio on the rear Output Jacks...That is miss-information at best! Just put this out there if other people are having the same issue...This apparently solves my problem for now! :|

    I have been scanning the forums for weeks, but do not understand why the external outputs are blocked in Virus Control on OS 5.1.7. This used to work before ??? What changed now ? Seems no audio outputs are even allowed by the driver. Is there an workaround for this ? Every time I disconnect Virus Control or disconnect the USB port, sound routes normally out of Output 1 port. Killing this feature creates a huge host of new problems in all DAWs and eternal interfaces, such as my AKAI hardware and so on...Might want to reconsider re-enabling this, since the Virus Control drop downs allow to select and output routing...Surprised no one else has this problem