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    Am I? Have you seen my other posts regarding Access wanting to drop support for the VC application?

    I just like to offer a bit of a perspective, and show that pretty much every (event the largest) audio companies have problems getting everything back to work on macos 10.15, especially with legacy hardware that was designed more than ten years ago. Also, consier that being an early adopter and upgrading your audio workstation whenever a new macos is released has been a bad idea for... decades (!).

    Anyway, I really really hope that Ploytec can figure out a way to get the USB drivers working on macos 10.15, and also that there will be a new app available which takes over the VC functionality for firmware upgrades and backups.

    The problem is more that Access continues to promote TI. There is no hint in the technical description that TI do not work anymore on Catalina.

    On Macintosh: Logic 9 or above, not more. If I buy a new TI2 and notice that it doesn't work with Catalina, I have the right to fix this or return the hardware. At least in Germany. And Access is a German Company. This could be interpreted as consumer deception in Germany in the worst case as fraud.

    Because Access is promoting an essential function that no longer works properly

    Und das müssten die Herrschaften von Access wissen!