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    Hi everybody,

    i am having trouble such a log time but I will shortly describe what it is about.

    If I run the Virus TI without open the plugin window I can record any of the changed CC's via the plugin window or the hardware synth as long as I like. But:

    if I have opened ones the plugin-window the Mac only records quite a while the incomming CC's and will ignore them after a few chosen parameters or seconds.

    It is not quite clear for me if it is a bug inside the Ableton Live Software ore the Access Plugin, i rather communicate with Ableton but they cannot clear the issue.

    So my question is, has anybody an Idea what the cause is?

    I just installed Live 10 on a mac book pro with the access plugin without any other plugins but the problem is the same.

    I would be very glad is you have an idea how to solve that problem, because I like to use the plugin Window a lot, but that in that case this is no workaround.

    Thank you for any advise.

    regards Martin

    My request is quite special but I think I could be solvable.
    Therefore I is nice to have such a big community with assistance one another.

    My question is: is there the same sync cause and effect although the Ti works with Logic 9 or Logic X.
    I am using iMac (2011) with OS 10.8.5, Logic Pro 9, some MIDI Hardware, USB Devices like Arturias Spark, BeatStepPro und the TI Polar.

    The Issue is locatable even the cause.
    In the following I'll decribe it:
    if I create a Tracks for the TI within notes the TI will stay stable insync as long as the track is active (red rec button lites).
    I can restart the part/cycle as often a I want - the TI works fine.
    If I go to another (let's take a midi) track and restart the part the TI will go out of sync.
    During this process I gonny get the Virus insync if I activate the rec button on it's track.

    The support of Access answered to that:
    "I have discussed this Issue with our Productmanagement. While changing the track (as well as activating the rec button) some Bufferparameters will be changed.
    Perhaps Logic 9 does not report the to the Virus.
    The Productmanagement is in complete agreement it's a Bugreport to Apple but not in case of Logic 9. To late for that."

    So my question is, before I buy a Logic X version in addition to a maverick update :
    Does anybody has this effect - even with Logic X - discribed below?

    I hope the explanation was understandable with all necessary detail.
    I am thankfull for every little help.

    I said goodbye to the Total integration software today too.
    Now running all in old school midi - track by track.
    Stable and without a big display which shows more parameter then the little of the Ti polar.
    Anyhow - here I can use the automation recording of my daw directly insteat of using the integrated parameters of the plugin.
    Above all the data transmitt is making the whole equipment instable.
    Perhaps somedays there is a propper version.

    If I concern: I do earn my money working with all that stuff and it is like a dril. If it shows dropouts and I need to work with such a machine - gotta to change something.
    Never the less - the TI polar is a great device - without a doubt - but it's like to travel with a lamborghini on the highways now a days - you have to consider about all the others around you and so the average speed reduce automatically.
    So - let's get to a moderate tempo and I use midi - als before.

    Don't sell the Virus TI - use it differently - 'cause it's not the device - it's the plugin (ore even more?)
    regards to all

    Using the TI2 as a multi Instrument with the Virus control center and various channels in my daw (logic 9)
    When starting the set how can I determine the patch what should being played on each channel?
    NOte: I am not using midi channels, it's the multi software instrument status and there I cannot choose a specific sound as I can do that while using midi instruments.
    This is surely not only a case of Logic, so does anybody have an idea?
    Thanks for reply

    In case there are unfortunately some commands which are not recognized via usb. So I would like to transver them via midi.
    First question: Is there a way to reach the TI2 externatly via midi while connected primary via usb?
    Second: If I want to use commands like prg change ore channel mute via midi is there a midi map to look which command I should use?
    Thanks for all advises.
    lovin this great machine but still try to implement it in my studio

    Hi Marc, thank you for your reply,
    isn't it vice versa possible that the TI receives pgm change messages?
    When I use my Novation Supernova (it has different banks with each 128 pgms) I can easily order from my daw the pgm I want to have on that special part

    My old Virus A handles the same way.

    Hi everybody.
    Just got my first TI2 Polar and stuck with the following matter:
    (using Logic 9 pro with OSX 10.8.5)
    The Virus control enable the recording of moving sliders of filters and so on.
    Now I'd like to "record" inside one track the movement to different programs.
    I mean the prg-change is not recognized even when pressing the know for the next or previous sound or if I choose a specific out of the virus control browser.
    Does anybody know how to handle that?