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    I know it's been talked about a lot, but when I think of a Virus TI3, I think the following:

    - Everything that's in the TI/TI2
    - Add a larger screen (possibly touchscreen) for clear editing of waveforms, etc (think the new Waldorf Quantum)
    - Add Thunderbolt and/or USB3, and modify Virus Control, to transmit 16 channels of both MIDI and high-resolution Audio
    - User importable wavetables (sampling), user-creatable wavetables, using the screen
    - Some sample memory for all of this
    - Possibly a suite of sample-editing tools (tie in with the wavetable creation)
    - More knobs for surface-editing and less menu diving (maybe on the keyboard version, have the unit run the entire length of the keyboard instead of being the same size as the Desktop version; or just make them both bigger)
    - More arpeggiator options welcome
    - More filter modes/distortions
    - Built-in feedback mode (to get guitar amp-like feedback)?

    If you think about it this would be a huge upgrade, and really not that much has to change.

    Even without user wavetables/sampling, just modernizing it to carry 16 channels of audio would be a seller in itself; I would buy a TI3 if all they added was 16 channels of audio along with the MIDI, and changed nothing else.

    This evening I was walking past my Virus TI (which was plugged in, and in Standby mode), and I noticed that two of the white lights were blinking in tandem–I believe it was one of the LFO lights and the Osc Volume light.

    Then the Virus powered on from standby. It went through the normal loading screen and was ready to go. There was a message about being connected to USB, but it was not at the time connected to my computer via USB (only the USB plug is connected to the back of the Virus TI).

    It had not been used for several days, but stays plugged in, on Standby. It is usually not connected via USB, though the USB cable remains in the port in the back of the Virus TI.

    What could have caused this? Could this be happening without my knowing it?

    Furthermore, if it has happened before, would it be possible that I not know? That is, does the Virus TI go back into Standby mode after some period of time of non-use?

    Is it possible to undo the last parameter change when working in Virus Control?

    I do this all the time. I get a patch where I want it, and want to test some changes without having to stop what I'm doing to save. Yes, I know saving only takes a second, but it breaks the workflow a bit.

    So the undo button on the Virus is super helpful. But I'm wondering if there is a way to undo the last change directly in the editor rather than having to do it over on the Virus hardware. Is this possible?

    I searched both manuals for "undo" but I'm not seeing it in regard to Virus Control.

    I'm having an issue with Logic Pro X and the Virus TI Desktop.

    I am using a Macbook Pro, Mid-2014 with the latest Yosemite. Also, the latest Virus Control/Driver.

    I am also using the TI as my audio interface, through the analogue outs.

    This is how I have set up the first song project with the Virus: basically it's all softsynths plus the TI, so the TI providing the meat, and the softsynths providing the potatoes; probably a common approach. The 16 channels of the TI are used up. I decided to start bouncing those channels down to audio, so I could free them up to building more patches to complete the track.

    When I am writing in the arrange view, or even playing the synth with a controller (a Nord keyboard in this case), the Virus works fine, for the most part. There is some cracking and popping, and occasionally the sequencer loses time, or overloads and stops. This isn't desirable, but it's no big deal. I've been at this a very long time so I come from the days when this happened much more often, just on account of computers being slow. So whatever.

    When I playback the sequence, everything seems delay compensated with the other plugins/softsynths.

    However, when I recorded the audio, the audio was about 1/16th ahead of the beat. So this is a problem.

    The way I did this was by routing the TI channels' respective outputs (remember, in Logic Pro X, every single multi-timbral TI track mirrors the same settings, instantaneously), to a Bus, and then using that Bus as the input for each audio channel. This worked, but with the delay.

    I recognize that I could be doing it wrong. I know the TI does not support bounce-in-place, obviously, but using the File > Bounce (Section) and checking Add To Project for every single segment of a song seems impossible... At best I guess I would have to make a stem for every single track, which would take hours upon hours for big projects (!), and at worst, it is no better than my current delay problem, because I would have to manually line up the start of the audio with the sample (when you check Add To Project to a bounce, it does not align it to the MIDI, it only adds it to the audio bin; so it is not synced in any way).

    Can anyone tell me if I am doing it wrong, or whether this sounds like a glitch, and I should consider other solutions?

    Thank you very much for any help :thumbsup: