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    SOLVED (at least for me)
    The issue was that I had was that I had reinstalled Windows 10 though Defenders "Fresh Start" which basically reinstalls windows on top of the existing OS. I had assumed it was a FRESH INSTALLATION which saved links, files, and registry entries for common settings like My Documents etc. I assumed all references to previously installed apps would be deleted. The new installation of Windows did not show that the VirusTI App was installed through add/remove programs.

    So, in order to get the TI VST to operate correctly,

    I have come to realize that the issue was the method of installing Windows 10. I had used their built in feature to reinstall Windows which I incorrectly assumed was a FRESH INSTALL. It basically is as most apps will not be available but it generally speaking installs Windows over Windows to retain some of the key folders and registry entries. So, though the Virus application was not available to uninstall from the add/remove program feature in Windows 10, there obviously were files associated with the previous Windows install which required an installation of the TI Installer and an immediate removal, then reinstallation to make the app work as expected.

    Access Support was fantastic. I sent the same ticket separately to Ableton and have yet to receive one email from them on the issue as I though maybe there was a Live VST Hosting Issue.

    Thanks Access!

    That is weird. As for me no need as BIOS is current and all functioned as it did prior to a fresh installation. I did get a note from support asking me to delete the virus cache folder. Makes perfect sense as the installation was freshly installed over the existing one. Meaning, the "fresh install" isn't technically a real fresh install where I formatted the drives. It's part of the Window 10 feature which I think is awesome cause I used to reinstall windows XP all the time and hated having to configure everything from scratch. Hopefully the fix support gave me solves the issue. I will know tonight and report.

    I deleted the Virus Cache as requested which did not work. I also deleted the Live Cache which again didn't work. I will uninstall the software and reinstall it. I will also try a different USB2 port though I did have it installed on the same port without issue before. I'll will report once tested.

    Don't be sorry...that crystal ball of yours might just work....I never said it will happen tomorrow but wanted to stress that the future of hardware synths and their firmware are not dead. Just look at the advances in the last 20 years. There is a market for us and the demand has never been higher.

    lIf not this then there will be something else...anyway this is another topic to discuss on another thread.


    I am sure they will come out with a new synth. If you have been following advances in sound then you'd know that object based sound design in the works for DJ and producers. Think Dolby Atmos ... Multichannel audio will go the way of the dodo...and that is cool because it never sounded right. With object based sound positioning you work with sound objects not stems. So a DJ or a producer can literally place sounds with true 3D positing combined with movement and acceleration. Some clubs are being outfitted with this tech already and the cost is nominal since it is based on a decoder and obviously a few more speakers *grin*. Kind of getting off point but the sonic quality of music played in clubs will finally have room to breath. It will also change the way music is produced at every level.

    So, considering that DJing and producing have become so popular why would Access back out now? The future is bright! Do we need a TI3 with more processing poser? could come out. Maybe more performance based effects and knob layout, no menu diving, tighter support for the plugin, a power off button, etc... So far I am happy with the Virus. It's bloody powerful as it stands. VSTI's are good for sure but now I am capable of abusing my PC for other tasks since the Virus can create such wicked sounds.

    So, I spent more time with Maschine's Pages of Automation. I guess they mapped what they felt was best or it was something automatic. It's very easy to set up the automation parameters. Essentially, I just deleted all the parameters and started from scratch with 16 pages. Realistically, you don't need to automate every single aspect of the patch so what I am now setting up is a default Maschine Template with a Group dedicated to the TI2. Each of the 16 pads are setup for 16 channels. Channel 1 has the TI plugin. Channels 2-16 are routed to Channel 1 S in order to access the rest of the channels on the TI synth. All automation must be done off channel 1. Considering that I will never use a full 16 channel Virus plus Maschine internal Library I plan to use Channel one as an automation lane only. This helps keep things organised.

    Of course it would be better if the plugin just had this setup for every single parameter but once it is done it is done. Funny how little info is on the web and bring me back to the days when Automation was brand new...there was no such thing as midi mapping, you just had to now the right midi messages to send. So, no complaints here!

    Merry Christmas:)

    Merry Christmas all...

    I am trying to record parameter automation in Maschine except it appears (to me) that some or many of the parameters are not mapped. The obvious ones are like filter and res but not all of them for sure like envelope amount. Machin displays 12 pages of parameters. Some of which read soft knob (1-3) but then there are other soft knobs as well. Am I missing something? I thought all parameters would be easily automated as it does in Live.