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    >> The Issue is standalone-mode<<


    to make it short:

    my Virus works fine in standalone-mode, EXCEPT my Mac boots and connects to the Virus-USB: then I loose my sound.

    (I don't have any issues inside Cubase. Inside the Daw tone is back).

    It looks like MacOS-USB and Virus-USB have a conflict!? (I went through the Mac Audio-Midi-setup...)


    following more detailed description/scenarios after upgrade to Mojave:

    1. Inside my DAW (Cubase) Virus (Total Integration) is running fine - so far so good.:thumbup:

    2. When my Mac is NOT switched on I can play Virus (TI keyboard) in standalone mode (correct wording?) - also fine.:thumbup:

    ==> 3. As soon as my Mac is booted in parallel I can play just ONE tone or chord on the virus (audible) - then the tone is gone, vanished!!?? :(:thumbdown: (I use USB-connection from Virus to Mac)

    No cables have been changed: The outputs of the virus go into my MACKIE 802, and from there to audio-interface MOTU M2.

    Note: on another synth, which is midi-triggered by 5-pole connection (not USB-midi), MOTU output sound works perfectly fine as usual!

    (while writing this for a 2nd time, I had a sudden system crash in between :rolleyes: and had to reboot)

    So what I want to get back: I want to play my Virus outside a DAW like before while Mac is running in parallel , of course .

    I have no clue what the issue could be.

    Virus firmware is on

    The Virus Control Center doesn't offer me a newer version.

    I looked at MOTU drivers for Mojave : "appears to be compatible" (although it is also said that MOTU M2 does not need any drivers on a Mac)

    My Mac: Mac Mini end 2012

    Looking forward to any suggestions from you.

    Thank you very much!!

    ? No answers? Legacy Issue? It doesn't seem to be a real Virus issue? Is it more a general USB-handling problem? Mac Mini too old? But I love my AV :-)

    Schreiben hier eigentlich alle auf englisch?