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    bad code, can lock up a processor interrupt, kills/freeze the VST host, your daw.
    connect directly on motherboard ? bad idea... you are using a driver, it is for the port, behind the port is an interface to the motherboard
    this shoudlnt work at all :) unless you mean, the port is directly on the board ? boards are cheap, and dont work.. you cant fix onboard net/usb/sound, they break..

    you should try another computer, if it works there - asume the mobo usb system is broken

    start in bios, just turn of all power saving - now the usb port wont shut on/off - this can cure it all

    new DAW upgrade ? = break stuff :)
    im not upgrading anything anymore... first virus broke studio one, then studio one broke virus, now virus is totally broken.
    i started from 0 again, it wont work.

    in all likelyhood, some windows update has killed it...

    it show virus connected, then starts "searching for virus" (endless looo), bios upgrade is active, nothing happens.

    what did i do ?
    absolutely nothng at all.... so who can see it on usb, then goes blind ? windows. an update!

    googling around will show thousands and more, have usb problem since birth.
    access is pushing too much data through the usb - to do that, they "homebrewed" something in the usb protocol standard.
    the most know problem is the arpeggios runnign wild or cutting, unable to start, and several restarts are necessary to play the music youre working on, and when you stop, to create more, now.... it will flip up again - who can compose anything with sounds havin gto be reset from start of music ? nobody.

    when i found out there is thousands, same problem, access just denied it, and wrote "we have 25 years of experience in making synths"..

    well dooo... i have 30 in using computer and music..
    they denied the usb protocal is hacked - it is! they dont want to admit anything. when i wanted it fixed, they asked stupid question, and after writing 2 different technician, able and willing to pay for repair - it all ended in nothing... they stopped write back, and no "repair" was initiated.

    i dig up the net, and some guys om gearslutz believe it is a logic chip that is faulty. i can understand this the electronics way: a logic chip, that has to do with the arps and maybe the usb, has a birth fault, it is unable to follow the bpm/speed of the oscillator system, whenever an arp is played - then it just exits, and retries - now you got the broken sound.

    this could be correct... i dont know if they fixed the v2, i have v1.

    i was told by my pro friend torben hansen, who makes a living from making presets, that running it total oldstyle midi, wihtout usb = no problems.

    i can just write nothing, and say "the arpeggios are broken", nothing else, pay, send and hope, its fixed. if not - i dont think they care

    Hey Oli, thanks, everything is already explained in the above post.
    Its in any Mode or any presets, does not matter what Transpose
    and no it has nothing to do with Cubase, everything works fine
    everywhere with everything, even the Virus, only problem is Virus
    and RME MIDI do not like each other.


    i did something, that made my friends brand new super soundcard/midi work - go into bios, and turn of all kind of power preservation, all of it.
    it makes usb ports go on/off, and now - end of synths! turn also off all kind apower savers in windows. same thing happens.

    switching it off in bios, made the impossible card work instantly


    I had the virus ti 1, 6 years now.
    its hanged itself, i mean, viris control center.

    first the synth went offline.
    reinstalling driver does nothing.

    plugging the usb port, after windows boot, makes virus control see it and say OK
    BUT then it starts searching for it!

    why search for somerthing that is plugged in and OK ???

    now i can do nothing.
    start from 0, same result. it says ok, then goes into endless SEARCHING for virus.

    windows 7 64 bit - and there is nothing here, it is the software malfuntioning.
    last time i asked for help, i was asked so run latencymon and send OS/information, like i am a complete beginner.

    i am not!
    i did this for 30 years.

    it is the virus software that is malfunctioning.
    this computer is clean.

    but it refuses to work anymore.. says ok, then endless search.

    might i ask, has the bios reflashed itself to death ?
    is my virus bricked ?

    because when the SEARCH begins, it enter bios update mode.

    i never asked for this, and it goes nowhere.
    its not very smart that ACCESS wants to flash anything, when I do not!

    so has is bricked itself to death ?


    virus control finds and see and say all ok, when usb is plugged in
    then enter endless searching for virus message
    and on the synth is is now locked into bios update mode, and nothing is happening.

    help me! :)
    i have over 200 musics here, and am not able to complete them!