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    In regards to the pitch warble, I used the first LFO in the LFO tab which I think is much more readily made for that kind of stuff.

    While I did try using a combo low-pass/high-pass, I think the closest I got thus far has been with a combination of a medium resonance high-pass fitler and a band-pass filter with sine-fold distortion and treble boost.

    I'll try and post some examples tonight,


    From the video provided I did not hear the sound I'm looking for. Does seem like a great pack though, I definitely had it in mind to help me with my sound design!

    I think the biggest hindrance is just how different the filters are on Sylenth1 vs. Virus Ti, particularly the band-pass filter. Sylenth1's seems to be a bit wider whereas the Virus' is so narrow it's almost unusable IMHO. It may be best to just use a high-cut/low-cut filter with rectifier saturation and sine-fold distortion (via the FX 1 tab). Another option is a band-pass combined with a band-cut...


    Hey guys,

    I'm currently trying to recreate Synth Oneshot #10 from the incredible Vengeance Clubsounds Vol.5 sound pack (Vengeance-Sound, 2015)!

    I believe it is a saw and little bit of hypersaw with some white noise and a band-pass filter/zero-rate phasing. I'm not really concerned about the quick pitch automation in the beginning, really just the timbre of the sound.

    Anyway, help is much appreciated!

    Here is the original sound:

    I tried the Scream 2 lead from the Ummet soundset but it doesn't seem to be that close? Maybe it's the additional processing.

    I tried using a zero-rate phaser and band-pass filter but no luck....


    I'm honestly really surprised! That came out in '09 or '10 I think, I wasn't sure if the sounds were going to be "up-to-date" enough for the $50 cost.

    I'll have to check it out,

    I watched that video again yesterday and tried to replicate the lead with his settings, couldn't do it!

    At first I thought he was using a different channel but then he started messing with the filters and it changed the sound...

    Maybe he's got further distortion or something on the processing chain?

    Hey all!

    Just bought a Virus TI Desktop after hearing Ummet, Showtek, SvD, etc. rave about it and I have to say I'm absolutely blown away! I usually try to recreate sounds via Sylenth1 and often times can get pretty close, but with the Virus it's just a few clicks away and BANG! you get a huge, professional sound in one or two layers.

    Anyways, right now I'm trying to recreate the lead used in Overdrive Pt. 2-- Ummet Ozcan & Calvin Harris (found here at 0:14):

    I've made a pretty similar sound in Sylenth1 using about three layers but for the life of me I cannot get anywhere close with the Virus. I'm thinking it's a band-passed saw mixed with a hypersaw (and some pitch mod) but can't seem to get the right BP filter setttings.