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    Amazing that after 3 different OS operating systems and they have still never even bothered to create anything to allow the machine to work with a mac.

    They should be stating on their website that it is not compatible with mac. But they are clearly just scammers in it for the money!

    Worst company ever!

    Utter jokers. Proving they simply do not care and are only in it for the money.

    Never respond to customers, clearly don't even care about the thousands of users who have spent a large amount of money on a piece of kit they can not even use!


    Access are absolute jokers.

    Very expensive piece of kit that is redundant because they cannot be bothered to keep their software up to date.

    What a disgrace!

    The fact they are actually still selling them without actually telling people that if they don't have an ultra old version of MAC OS, they won't even be able to use them! What a scam!