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    great that you got your setup working. let me just note for the record that the sync issues commonly reported have nothing to do with the sync feature in audio midi setup. sync in audio midi setup means that different sampling rates are…

    Hi Marc,
    thanks for your techical details. There's a funny thing about Audio-MIDI-Setup: in the german localisation the function I mentioned is called "drift correction" whereas in the english localisation it seems to be "resample". IMHO: makes quite a difference, doesn't it? We all know what resampling means, but drift correction rather sounds in my ears like a "software implementation of word clocking different sub devices within an aggregate audio device".
    I stripped down my USB tree to keyboard, mouse, and Virus TI2 (on different ports, hubs) and still got frequent crackles - probably not a USB buffer problem then, rather an audio sync issue? As the crackles remotely sounded like former sync issues with Soundflower within my aggregate device I tried different settings for master clock and "drift correction" - and this did the job.
    So, I think quite a lot of people on Mac talk about USB related problems whereas they should focus on their aggregate audio device settings.

    PS: it really would be helpful if people gave more details about their setup instead of just complaining Virus TI doesn't work...

    Hi to all ye frustrated Virus users,
    please read my signature first as it contains my studio setup information. It took me several frustrating weeks to get a finally satisfyingly working setup.
    As so many out there, I also was confronted with unacceptable sync issues in USB/TI mode - but not when connected over standard MIDI and audio in/out. I tried all the suggestions I found in this forum and elsewhere in the internet - nothing worked for me: cheap or expensive, short or long USB cables; powered USB-hubs, MTT capable USB-hubs, different USB ports, thunderbolt-USB3-adapters; disabling my beloved Soundflower.kext; different buffer and multi-threading settings within LogicPro. You get the picture?
    Up until now, I had one of my MotU thunderbolt audio interfaces as clock master within Audio-MIDI-setup. From the beginning on, Soundflower had to be drift corrected to stay in sync. Finally, I decided to try different settings within my aggregate audio device (cf. attached picture). Eureka: since I defined my Virus TI2 as clock master and drift correct my audio gear everything stays in sync.
    I hope this information helps - at least for Mac users.