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    Hello all,

    Recently I bought a brand new Virus TI2 Polar. It is great but I encountered one annoying thing: each time I turn it on, the parameter “Local” is set to “off”. This means no sound if I press a key. I have to set “Local” to “on”, to be able to hear sounds when I press a key.

    I would like to set “Local” to “on” as default setting. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so: how?

    I used to have a Virus KC and there, “local” was always “on”.

    Thanks in advance!

    well here it’s working ! what problems are you having ? are u using 3.0 ?

    Great to hear! I have it now since 2 weeks and almost everything works fine. However I did not succeed yet in one important thing: loading a new program (=sound) from the Editor/library into the Virus Polar TI2. I can only choose programs that are already stored in the RAM or ROM memories of the Virus. (That is very useful too, I must say)

    SeleN: can you upload new sounds from the editor into the virus?

    I sent an email to Mystery Islands Music with some more details about and hopefully they have a solution.

    I solved it: it turns out that the INIT/START programs of my new TI2 Polar (stored in several RAM and ROM slots at number 127) are actually not what I consider an INIT/START sound: even in the INIT/START program, several parameters in the synth are set to values that cause quite a lot of movement of the sound. In an INIT/START program I expect no movement at all, and clean stable wave forms. This is not the case: even in the INIT/START programs, in the "effects" section, "analog boost" was turned on, "punch" was turned on. And several envelops in the oscillator section were not set as an INIT/START program should be (= no attack, no decay, full sustain, no release). And so on. I adjusted it all and made my own INIT patch from which I will work further. But it would have been nice it ACCESS would have delivered the Virus with a clean INIT program......

    thanks for checking, but your virus (TI2 ?) will then probably have the patch with the “start” sound in another slot. Indeed on my TI2 the name of the patch is “start” (on my KC it was the same, but I do not have the KC anymore). I would be great if someone can check this.

    (by the way: the same effect as I described in my first post occurs with the “init” patch. However I did find that on my TI the init-patch has the oscillator balance not set to oscillator 1 only).


    Hi all,

    I just have a new Virus TI2 Polar and it seems that the oscillators are unstable. I found this when checking the "start" sound (ROM-B 126, patch name: “start”). This is a sawtooth wave, and you will hear oscillator 1 only if you choose this patch. I heard some movement in the sound. I (only) changed the waveform to a sinus for a further check:

    what happened is that the volume of the sinus goes up and down (to 0) and up again. This is very easy to detect by ear (and my oscilloscope confirmed it)

    Oscillator 2 has exactly the same. I checked: every source of modulation is turned off (as you may expect for the "start" sound).

    My questions are:

    1) do other Virus TI2 owners encounter the same when going to ROM-B 126, and set the wave form to "sinus"? Can someone test this for me with his TI2?

    2) In my opinion this cannot be normal. Does someone have an advise to solve this (before I return to the shop)?

    Thanks & best regards,


    PS: the oscilloscope confirmed that also the sawtooth wave is unstabe.

    thanks for your answer! Unfortunately for some reason it did not work. I guess a setting somewhere avoided accepting the new patch. I do not have the Virus anymore so before I sold it I wrote down all the parameters of the specific program so that I can still use it in the near future (I am thinking of buying a Darkstar because of the smaller keyboard).

    I agree with this. Just bought a new TI Polar. Actually there are almost no improvements possible that I can think of. This synth will still be very useful in 2122. But making the TI software working again and the requests of DJ antimatter here above are very legitimate requests. It should not take that much effort from Access to take care of this

    Dear Virus users,

    I have a Virus KC and do not have total integration. Still, it should be possible to export and import one single sound (patch) to my computer, and import it to my Virus later. However I did not succeed.

    In the manual I find some information about "MIDI DUMP TX" and "MIDI DUMP RX".

    But it does not say HOW to execute this.

    I choose the Virus program that I want to export (G18), went to MIDI DUMP TX " SingleBuff". I started the "record" button of a Midi channel in Logic ProX, and pressed "store" on the Virus. Im Logic, a small region appears in the Midi Channel with an "X" as text.

    It seems that the information about this single program was stored to Logic (but I am not sure).

    Now I want to transfer this information from Logic to the Virus again, to bank A5*

    So to store the sound in A5, I go to virus patch A5, set the Virus on "MIDI DUMP RX" <Enable>. If I play Logic, the Virus screen show the SE signal. It seems the patch "arrived" in the Virus. But what next?

    Because if I press "store", it stores the original A5 patch to A5. Not the G18 that I wanted to import from Logic. Thanks in advance for your help!


    * I do know that I can store patch G18 in patch A5 directly in the Virus, but because this Virus will be sold and AFTER that I will buy a new one, I want to store some patches on my computer, and import them into my new Virus later.

    I am not totally sure that I transmit Sysex data but i think so. The procedure that I follow is described in my first post (see start of this topic). First I hit the recording button in Logic pro-x, after that I start the sysex dump. I can see Logic is recording something, but I do not know if that is the correct sysex data. Also I do not know how i can evaluate if this data is correct sysex data or not. When I try to receive Sysex on the Virus, i see the "se" signal in the display of the virus. But nothing seems to be stored into the memory.

    Also when I download sounds from this site (support" > "downloads" > products: "discontinued" > category "sounds and patches"), and play the .MID file in logic
    the Virus shows the "se" symbol in the display, but no new sounds are stored. And I assume this sysex data should be of good quality

    The only thing that does work regarding the storage of sysex on my virus, is re-installing the Operating System and after that, the 1024 sounds. (I am sure the 1024 sounds are received and stored, because it overwrites changes that i made to sound banks). Why this Sysex is received and stored, i do not know.

    So I have no clue how to solve this. And I am afraid the battery of my Virus goes empty (that is why I wanted to store the sounds). is there alternatives to get the sounds and multifiles stored on a Mac? (I still do have the Sounddiver software, but that does not run an Apple)

    Thanks for your answers. So it may have to do something with the device ID. The device ID of the Virus C was (by default) set to 1. When that did not work, I had set it to "omni" (i did read that somewhere on a forum). That did not work too.

    So the device ID has to "match". My question is: match with what? Is it something that I should set in (or find in) Logic Pro-x?

    Thanks once again!

    I checked and I can also not "upload" the sounds that can be downloaded from this site (at "support" > "downloads" > products: "discontinued" > category "sounds and patches".

    If i play these virus C .MID soundpatch files in Logic, the Virus does receive sysex, but no new sounds are stores.

    The only thing that does work, is overwriting banks C until G with the .MID file that overwrites these banks with 1024 sounds that came from Access (when delivered from Access, the demo song was stored in these banks and they supplied a .MID file that overwrites this).

    I still have no clue.....Anyone?

    Hello all,

    I have a virus KC with OS 6.5, I use Logic pro-X as sequencer. I can make a sysex dump of all he presets banks to Logic and store it (for changing the battery of the Virus). I do this via "Midi Dump TX" > "total".
    However, if I want to upload that file again to the Virus, the sysexdata is not stored. The Virus does receive the data, as the "se" signal is visible on the Virus' display.
    The Virus is set to "Midi Dump RX" > "enable".
    In "System Edit" > "Midi", both "ProgChange" and MultiPrgChg" are set to "Enabled".

    The above does also not work if I want to receive Sysex data for (for example) one singe programm. It does not matter how I set "Midi Dump RX" (to enable, or ForceToEditBuff" or others).

    I have some questions:
    1) when playing back the Syses Data on my sequencer, should i do something with the virus after the sequence was played?
    2) if if set the MidiDump RX to "verify" and play the Sysex data back, it plays all and the Virus' display shows the "se" symbol. But at the end nothing happens. The virus does not mention "verification OK". Does "verify" only alarm when there is something wrong with the Sysex Data the Virus is receiving?
    3) If someone knows how to solve this, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!