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    think so?? U may be right, try similar settings than the hyper saw but with squares, that´d be your 3 oscillators in square, slightly detuned, say 2 to 4 semitones up and down and hi-passed with some verb, to get it similar than the second link, I still think it could be got with a hyper saw, but try out different things.

    good luck!

    Tolly agree with you, I decided to buy my virus to be focused just on one syth that would give me all I needed, instead of having hundreds of vst´s and not getting deep in any of them. And well, even though the Vti isn´t any close to limited I do share your opinion on limits, I haven´t had the luck of playing with an Elektron, which I´ve heard amazing comments of, but I´ve for example played with a tb-303, which can say is quite a limited machine as well and the simple lack of parameters takes you further into the sound achieving task. The experience is really enjoyable.

    As they say, keep it simple, less is more. And as I say, the real mastery is in simplicity, go minimal!!

    and by the way, thanks virus for placing all those posibilities on my hands, you´re the all in one I need!

    welcome bro!

    That melody sound can be easily achieved with the supersaw oscilator, be gentle with the detune and the vocies parameter (don´t remember exactly how it´s called, it´s the one controlling the number of saws used), n add some verb! equally the one on the second link, supersaw! really useful for psytrance in many ways!!

    Destroy fella!!

    Does anybody knows what´s that sort of sidechain ducking that happens to the lil arp´s reverb tail on sec 25?

    it´s that ducking made with an external compressor or it´s part of the Vti´s effects?

    thanks in advanced fellas!!

    haha yeah I know what you mean, you invented the virus and many others, we invented tequila and many ways of blowing our heads with it at a short age. It's natural you feel atracted by Mexico and I by Germany, the interesting bit is how the mixure of the two worlds can bring something wicked to life... at least some music for christ sake!

    Party animalness + Deep thinking = ????

    Ha Ha, good old boring Germany!! I'd love to spend some years of my life there actually, I've been there a few times, lovely people you are! and well the Party..... WooooouuuUUU!!

    Cheers fella!! :thumbsup:

    Hi, greetings from Mexico, these forums are great! One of the reasons I bought my virus was to share all the knowledge going on with different Virus owners, here will the job be done!

    I make techno/ tech house, my attempt is to use samples as less as I can, usually I do everything with my beautiful beast, from the bottom to the top, I've owned the virus for over a year and I'm pleased in loads of aspects, but I still say "I'm like a 15 year older trying to do a 35er" :wacko:


    I've been trying to achieve that classic vocoder sound with my virus ti but I just seem to be getting no where, for example when vocoding my voice the result was almost none, nothing like I can do with a vocoder plug-in. Same with a drum loop. I'm I doing something severly wrong? or it's just not the same type of vocoding I know? 8|