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    Then you probably should consider re-installing Yosemite or Sierra (10.12.). AFAIR, I left out High Sierra because of the many reported issues.

    True. I am scratching my head as to why this TI plugin doesn't play nice with my system, but works for others. I have seen some previous posts about doing a fresh install, but not sure why you would have to go to that extreme to make devices play nice with each other. I have an older version of Pro Tools 9 and a few other older versions of software on this laptop and you can't re-install on Yosemite or Sierra, as far as I know. Doing a fresh install isn't out of the question, if that would fix this issue, but thats extreme, at least for me. I would loose some software, but would gain a working TI plugin, possibly. I have also thought about installing the previous TI version to see if that works.

    I recently updated from Yosemite to High Sierra and now when I try to run the Total Integration Software Plugin (, my MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) crashes and restarts about 90% of the time. I have tried re-installing the OS with no luck. Everything worked fine up until the update. I have my Virus TI Polar plugged straight into a dedicated USB port, no hub. I read about allowing the installer in the System Preferences, Security & Privacy, but never got the pop up to do so. I have also tried un-installing and re-installing the software. I have tried to unplug all cables on the virus, wait, then plug back in. This works for the first loading of the software, but if I close a project in Logic Pro X or Ableton Live and open another that has the plugin, I usually get a crash and it goes downhill from there. I have read that the Total Integration Plugin should work in this OS. Any suggestions?


    I don't think it is certain patches, but I need to research this to see if a factory patch gives the same result. I forgot and can't find how to play the onboard demo, can you please tell me what the steps are? I would like to try and just play the demo to see how long it will last and to see if it crashes. Also, this will take away the connection to the DAW and maybe help track down the issue.

    Hi js516k,

    I tried reloading the OS, but no luck. The issue still happens when I am just using midi and audio and the USB totally unplugged and its within 10-15 mins from when I power up. I am going to try updating to the latest OS and see if anything changes. I was using the latest OS when this started though. Its like everything is ok, but as soon as I see the logo stop pulsing, it all goes downhill pretty quick after that. The BPM, stops blinking and the modulater LFO's stop pulsing too and I loose audio.

    Hi Chris,

    Ah, got it. Yeah I just started having issues with this. The lights not pulsing isn't the big issue, its that the Virus TI becomes un-usable after it starts. I basically start losing functions and audio. Sometimes the virus sends out a constant mid to high pitch square wave and the only way to get rid of it is to unplug power. I tried using just midi last night after a reset and within 10mins the virus gave out and I could't get audio out and seemed to become sluggish. Blahhhh....I was hoping that the issues was only with the TI plugin through USB, but it's still messed up. I have an email into support and I hope its not a hardware issue, but maybe. Also, I was running the latest beta version and went back to a previous beta version, but no luck. I haven't tried going back to the last "good" OS yet though. Maybe that will work......fingers crossed.