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    When I record a quantized part in Samplitude Pro X2 or Sequoia 13, upon playback the fits note doesn't play or it glitches and plays the it briefly but not the full amount of the note.
    If I'm in cycle mode it will playback correctly after the completing the first cycle. It's just the initial note that is troublesome. This is when using the Virus Control plug in.


    There are "mute controllers" and "mute sysex" checkboxes in Sequoia but that makes no difference. Sometimes when the nag screen appears local remains off. But other times local is on. The don't seem to be any pattern in the behaviour.

    OK it looks like this it's a Sequoia specific problem at the moment. I just tested Cubase 8.5 and the problem isn't arising. Maybe Sequoia is sending out some spurious message which is activating warning. I'll do some more testing.


    I took delivery of the Virus TI Polar today. I'm testing it in Sequoia 13 x64 using the Virus editor plug-in. I checked under the Config setting that Local was set to off. The problem I'm having is as soon as I hit play or change to another patch a nag screen pops up all on the LCD saying "Local On is not recommended when using Virus control plug-in". This happens despite local being set to off. I can dismiss the message by pressing exit but it pops up again every time I press play or change patches. Kind of irritating. Anyone else experienced this?

    Also while I'm at it is there a way to change the viewing angle of the LCD screen? I can't find anything in the documentation.