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    Process Buffer range is small, and the behavior is the same using any buffer size from 64 to 512. I'm suspecting the same thing you suggest - that the USB simply has more than it can handle. There's a midi interface (Motu Express 128), Frontier Design Tranzport, passive hub w. iLok (and a couple of other dongles) and a Novation ZeroSL all connected to the MacPro. The TI is connected directly to it's own USB port.

    I ended up re-initializing the unit, which temporarily solved that problem, but it's back, and there are plenty of others too. There's no predicting whether the TI will actually be available in Logic (sometimes it just doesn't show up and I have to restart Logic. Or the TI. Or both. Again), I've had it scream a loud digital distortion at me several times. Sometimes it will play the song, but just random notes, and not in time, and notes played on my midi keyboard will sometimes trigger sometimes not. If I introduce a tempo event to the session it will crash Logic. Currently it's back at the odd/even play/no play state, and I barely have the energy to go through the whole re-init process.

    Is com.amv.sage the prefs file for the TI?

    This is just bewildering. I'm using the tutorial song to try and get my head around what's going on and it's not making any sense to me at all. Firstly, the behavior I mentioned above is still present, so I'm only hearing half the patches. Next, they're not actually playing when the transport is rolling, despite the monitor section displaying midi activity on all tracks. I can play the sounds (that is, those on the midi channels that will sound) when the transport is still, I can even record note/automation data and see it when the transport is rolling, but no sound. On top of that, when I engage Live mode the Ti stops making any sound at all.

    Trying to set up my new Virus TI in Logic (9) and I'm having this strange behavior - hoping someone can shed some light. The unit only generates sound on odd midi channels (1,3,5 etc) while even channels (2,4,6 etc.) make no sound. I can see them all receiving midi in the monitor section. This is just with init patches, before any actual patches are loaded.