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    Hey Hey ;)
    for some reason when i transfer a Bank to Sysx then convert to .mid file for Virus Control the file will not show up like older banks does for me to load into Rom?
    It doin my head in as i want to share these banks & want users to be able to upload them without hassles//
    I know i can load them easily in Virus Control to use within my own system but thats not my intention..
    any ideas where things might be going wrong...
    Should i be using Midi connections instead of USB connections?

    I have so many ideas for the TI series that would serve up a new character all together..
    Compression in the FX section.. Modelled after vintage & classic electronic compressors, TUBE,

    Split Keyboard... or is it already there??

    Compare button for reference to the original sound...
    Multi Undo....


    Thats enuf programming there to keep you Legends busy..
    Respect :thumbsup:

    Hey, im trying to find info on the sidechain function within the virus control , it should seem simple but im not getting any effected results from the process..
    i cant see any topics in this forum that are specific,( im running Logic 9.13) or anything in the users manuals available?
    any ideas what the best way to set this up is?

    Hey there fellows

    I have recently been experiencing a slow response ( or no response) to midi info to the Ti Desktop from my MPC 1000... this is the first time this has happened in 3 years .. i always run in Multi mode as they are song arrangements dedicated to each track. I have a Nord & moog also in the MPC both programming & receiving Midi data correctly so i can only thing the TI is having issues..
    On the Screen the Little rectangle between Midi part & preset name is seeing to be full of blocks.?
    I have tried to find what this means in the manual but cannot see??
    I can only imagine its DSP.. am i right?
    if so what is using more now than before? i seem to only use up to 4 or 5 of the Midi channels in each Multi set & an only using the first 16 due to the inability to save any preset changes...
    love to hear what you might think is happenin..