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    Indeed that helps a lot! Very nice. This should do the job! Thank U for that fast delivary! :thumbsup:

    But one more question! I use a free VST plug-in called Manalyzer - some kind of a spectrumanalyzer, indicating the accurate frequency of a peak. So I use a one Osc sine wave to analyze. With any other Vst-Instrument like Serum or whatever, it shows a constant peakfrequency each time I trigger the corresponding note. But in term of the Virus the frequency vary +/-1hz !?? Any declaration on this? ?(


    I'm faccing the following Problem with my Virus Ti 2-Desktop in Ableton 9:

    When playing the 'Virus Ti Tutorial Song' the playback of the Midi Track 'TI-5' with the 'Dub-Pad on Out 3+4' is incomplete.

    I get sure to use a free USB root hub, and try different Buffersizes and Sampling-Rates for my M-Audio Delta 1010LT Device and different driver-types (Asio4All v2 & M-Audio Delta Asio) as well.

    I use Win7 64-Bit / AMD-Phenom II X4 945 on ASUS m5a99x evo r2.0 / 8gb DDR3

    I'm right in my opinion that this specifications are under normal surcumstances easilly should be able to handle this tutorial song? Should I contact the access support?

    Sorry for my english, and thank you for your help.