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    Yet, a couple of well known world touring acts are using it in their live rigs...

    IMO, the keybed of your TI needs servicing. Sounds like dirty contacts to me. Google that issue. It's common on all keyboards.

    Perhaps, but for multiple reasons that seems very unlikely to me:

    • I have bought the TI2 brand new, and it has had these problems since the very beginning.
    • The pitch bend control has nothing to do with the key bed.
    • Switching the machine off and back on temporarily gets rid of the issue - which makes a software issue much more likely than a mechanical problem caused by dirt inside.
    • The issue seems to happen much more often when the pitch bend range is set to +/- 12 semi-tones (which happens to be my preference), while most default patches use a pitch bend range of +/- 2 semi-tones (which may also explain why many other users - including those "well known world touring acts" - do not experience this issue).

    Fwiw, I have (had) many other keyboards, and have indeed cleaned them whenever they needed it. This really seems to be an entirely different issue altogether. Nevertheless, thank you for your suggestion!

    So I just visited the Access website to check for firmware updates; and downloaded the most recent version and accompanying changelog.



    This is very indicative of the service quality level that Access provides: outdated crap that obviously has not been checked for quality.

    My Virus TI2 is STILL not usable in live situations - not even as a MIDI keyboard for external sound sources - because it STILL has the same silly software bugs (random pitch bend data being sent even when not touching the keyboard, and pitch bend range often incorrect until switching machine off and back on). As Khazul writes above, the product is still unstable and feels like 'abandonware'.

    The Virus TI2 was without a doubt my worst purchase ever. I would have sold it a long time ago - if I wouldn't feel so bad about selling something without informing the potential buyer about its problems, and the lack of service from its manufacturer. But who would want to buy a synthesizer after being fully informed what a piece of shit it is?

    I just attempted to update the firmware for my Virus TI2 Polar on my OS X 10.9.4 MBP (late 2008 model), going from version 5.0.4 to However, the update process got stuck (yet the installer still insisted on restarting my OS...). While my system restarted, I attempted to switch the Virus off and back on, but now it will not start anymore. The stand-by LED is not blinking. Disconnecting all cables, then re-connecting power cable + holding down EDIT button does not work.

    What to do now? :(

    That would be true for automatically installing the software. But not at all when simply informing the user of the existence of a newer version, which is what I expect from a "Check for updates" button.

    I guessed as much as well. And that would indeed make sense when the installed version is a public release. But in this case, the current version is a beta just as well.

    Thanks for adding the newer OS options. And yeah, it seems to work fine. :)

    I still find the list of hosts too limited though. Is it perhaps restricted to 'officially supported' hosts? (which would make me wonder, is Access Music 'officially supporting' Cockos REAPER)?

    It's not a huge problem & they don't really take up much disc space, however, if you just can't cope with them being there then […]

    Thanks, but I already know perfectly well *how* to delete things from my system. (You shouldn't assume I have named my system partition "Macintosh HD", and you forgot the tutorials. :P )

    And, again, that is not what I'm asking for. If you read my previous posts, you should have noticed I already deleted those files many times. Which is exactly what's bothering me. If you don't care about it, good for you, but I still do. Indeed, it's not a huge problem by itself. Reluctance to address it is a completely different matter though.

    i don't have Live in front of me right now but in other hosts you can simply deselect a plug-in in preferences and it will not show up anymore.

    Obviously you did not understand my question, so let me rephrase it.

    The problem is that you are *forcing* the user to install components which should be optional. It has nothing to do with any particular host, nor with hiding installed components. I simply do not wish to have the plugins, manuals and tutorials *installed* because they are useless to me, only because Access Music is too lazy or sloppy to provide a decent install procedure.

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Why are these checkboxes greyed out, without the user having an option to uncheck them?

    Why does the website *always* fail to download a software update for me. ;(

    [Blocked Image: ]


    [Blocked Image: ]


    [Blocked Image: ]



    Notice the other download, 5+ times bigger, downloading without any problem.

    Seriously, it's not me, it's you. It has become 100% expected behaviour, that whenever I visit the website, downloads fail. :(:(:(

    It's even worse. Every time I replace the image with a custom made one, it reverts to the fugly and incorrect default one.

    Can you also enable us to NOT install any Virus Snow crap THAT I DON"T EVER NEED for my TI-2 Polar (and vice versa) the next update? Thanks.

    Sometimes people think that, but actually, it is not. The VST and AU standards are constantly changing, also by communication between access and other companies. Therefore have recent versions of supported sequencers is part of the game.

    Timo, please (make Access) start talking to Cockos (the Reaper devs) and add Reaper to the list of supported hosts. They're very communicative.
    (Added FR here: )