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    The Virus is NOT going to sound anything like a TB-303. It's not even coming close enough to honk and wave hello, seriously (I do own a few original and modded 303's, so I do know what I'm talking about).

    Audiorealism's ABL2 is the very best software emulation, period (oh, and get it on your iPhone / iPod Touch for just a few bucks here: It does every little thing just right.

    D16's Phoscyon is a very decent runner-up with some extra's, but also some minor weaknesses.

    Imho all the other software based options aren't worth your time for getting an authentic sounding 303 sound. (But, of course, if you like how it sounds, who cares...)

    The keyboard and Touchpad are working again, after a full reboot. I'm pretty sure that the Virus Control update *did* break it, although not *permanently* (no, I hadn't expected permanent damage to the hardware... that would have been the story of the month, now wouldn't it?). I understand very well that not all hardware/software configurations can be tested in advance. But this type of problem indicates to me that there is a more serious problem than that, namely exceptionally bad programming and/or not adhering to manufacturer/industry standards and protocols. Testing is no substitute for education. :P
    Moreover, my Virus TI2 is also unreliable *without being connected to anything other than its main audio outputs and/or MIDI out*, and has been so since day one, throughout all the firmware versions up to now (for example, it spits out random MIDI data and audio pops / clicks / sustained squelching noises at unpredictable, seemingly random intervals, and upward pitch bend range is often truncated at about 2/3 of its maximum value). This has nothing to do with testing different hardware configurations, but simply with proper product testing per se, and build quality in general. I'm seeing a pattern of unusual clumsiness, and that for a €2000+ product... so far I'm not impressed at all, to say the very least.

    Btw, the MBP I was using would probably only differ with yours ( Marc) in a few very minor aspects: CPU clock speeds were bumped up a bit, on the 15" versions (of which I have the 2.4 GHz one with the dedicated 256MB extra GPU) the ExpressCard/34 slot was exchanged with a SD slot; the battery had its capacity increased and is no longer removable, and the display has slightly better gamut, i.e. more intense colors (and initially there was no matte display version of the 15" models). Only the change from the ExpressCard/34 port to the SD slot seems potentially relevant to me, at first sight. If for some reason Access didn't test with any MBP model with an ExpressCard/34 slot, that would seem to be quite an oversight to me, as that is one of the main real "Pro" features (and, coincidentally, the imminent disappearance of it on the 15" models was exactly the reason why I quickly grabbed the previous model when Apple introduced the model you ( Marc) are working on mid 2009).

    @Maxim: while my MBP is working great, so are my Windows and Hackint0sh installs. I agree that *generally* the Mac takes least tweaking and maintenance for decent DAW performance. But the availability of software for Windows and amount of compatible harwdware configurations is overwhelmingly larger.

    However, with regard to the Virus TI2, I couldn't disagree more. It has never ever worked properly for me on my late 2008 2.4 GHz MBP 5,1, and I have tried every possible setup with every VC/firmware version since, on OS X 10.5.2, 10.5.4, 10.5.6, 10.5.8, the 10.6 dev beta's, 10.6 final, 10.6.1, 10.6.2. In this case, imho a Mac has no advantage whatsoever over a Windows machine (including Macs running Windows on Bootcamp). Maybe to the contrary, even: the drivers aren't available yet in 64 bits format for OS X, while they are for Windows (thus frustrating optimal performance under Snow Leopard). But imho it just doesn't make a difference in the end: the Virus Controller's MIDI and audio are always unreliable on both platforms in my experience. So, indeed, no Mac vs. PC flamewar needed here. ;)

    Also, one major reason for some musicians to use Macs is related to compatible (high end) third party hardware, which does not apply here: while all Macs have FireWire connections that are superior to even USB2.0, the Virus series uses the ancient USB 1.1 and needs a hackish workaround to even work with a USB on a high speed ExpressCard USB connection, it seems.

    it appears to me that hardly anybody reports their experience with the new OS. what i can see is people having problems installing the software on PCs. what i also can see is that only a small percentage reports problems to support or on the forum. of course i'm assuming that most of those who downloaded actually installed the OS suite.


    best, marc

    Mac user reporting. Most horrible experience, EVER.

    Installing breaks my MBP keyboard and touchpad, as reported here.

    I have also tried,,,, before, and have had many bugs in every version so far. Still completely unreliable in every conceivable setup, whether connected via USB and/or MIDI or not. It can not keep a steady sync of any sort (well, you guys even advise users to add some empty measures before even playing a MIDI sequence to the Virus -- how telling is that?! it is the most unusable piece of gear for live use I have *ever* seen... I wouldn't dare to bring one to a stage), it spontaneously sends out nasty MIDI and audio artifacts at random intervals, upward pitch bend does often not reach maximum range, etc..

    Marc: people may not bother to respond after they see so many users complaining, as it is not uncommon on this forum for reported issues to take ages to even get any response from the devs, if at all, and yet so little done about it. Let's see how long you take to fix my latest problem. I'm not holding my breath in the meantime.

    [EDIT] And wtf is with the hyperlink and nested quotes not working? Geez, apparently you guys can't even manage a freaking php webforum... :P

    Just installed VC on my late 2008 (5,1) 2.4GHz MBP running OS X 10.5.8. Restarted after installation, now the keyboard on the Mac is not working and neither is the touchpad. (Typing this on external keyboard...)


    (And before you tell me that's the risk of updating to a beta: I have not had my Virus TI2 nor the VC plugin working properly *ever* yet, tried multiple machines and OSs. So yeah, I'm eager to try new versions as I figured things couldn't get much worse. Well, I was wrong. They can...)