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    Thanks musikman2008, I like it! Let's do it :).
    A recorded sample, a patch and a little text explaining the synthesis trick of a good patch we like or have done.

    I post in the two next days a trick I found! Does anyone else is in? It is more stimulating if we are several doing it!

    Cool thanks guys!

    Ben is probably really busy... Otherwise we can try to collect some knowledge by sharing simple patches ;). Or just finding some in the existing banks that use interesting tricks!
    How can we collect these tips and tricks with patches in a efficient way?

    Beginners seem to go for "how to sound like...[GUETTA / DAFT PUNK...] ". Aron, would you be interested in such videos?

    When I bought my Virus, I already knew a bit about synthesis, to justify such an investment.

    Thanks everyone!

    Ben got an interesting position, as he can reveal some secrets about the Virus TI algorithms and goals.
    If I had to pick only one, the wavetables are really mysterious to me. Does Access want to keep them secret for creative purposes? Having some clues would help to find the sweet spot and not count on artistic accidents after 40 hrs of trial and errors :). Use them, know them then abuse them :).

    Thanks for you answer Marc!

    Here is my first ideas:

    • Dual FIlters tricks: I have hard time using correctly the dual filter with balance. I mostly use my Virus TI in 24dB/oct or 12dB/oct and the rest is trial and error.
    • Describing some of the wavetables and suggest usage
    • Using the analog keys and fancy modulation matrix sources in creative ways
    • The velocity. The aftertouch. The modwheel. How to program expression.
    • All the new effects.
    • Using external analog filters or integrating the virus with other synths
    • A reminder about log or exp curve for envelop with the mod matrix tricks
    • How to use the arp input as a note/step sequencer
    • The vocoder
    • The character section character / what it does how to use it.
    • 8 bits / chiptune sounds

    I learned new tricks with the former bootcamp episodes. So it's really up to Ben to show us his discoveries :).
    Should it be connected to a specific module of the Virus that is fairly rare compared to other synths? So it worths Access time to spend explaining how it works!

    The videos made by Ben Crosland are brilliant.
    Why not having a few power users like Howard Scarr and Matt Picone sharing their tips and tricks the same way Ben did?
    I'm particularly interested in the modulation matrix secrets, also in a wavetable review and how they were designed.

    I would be ready to pay for another round :).

    Please read below.

    Here is a commented video on what I tried to do to get it work:

    I tried in this video all the steps described by Jörg from the support. I'm ready to do screensharing.

    As shown in the video, I've been using Atomizer and inputs without any issue, so this should NOT A ROUTING issue.


    Here is an ugly video where you can see what I tried:

    1) I first play an audio loop direct to the master.
    2) Then I play a few notes from the INIT patch.
    3) I root the audio loop to the Virus Control and demonstrate it does work by putting the input as static.
    4) I activate the vocoder in OSC mode.
    5) I randomly tweak buttons to make it work...but nothing :S

    The sound is really bad..sorry!

    The fundamentals
    - I recommend booting the virus after all other audio interfaces and before booting live. I never had a conflict between push and the Virus so you can hotplug the Push after having booted your Virus.- Drop the vst Virus Control (VC) on a channel. Play a few notes to check if the Virus Control correctly booted.
    - Activate the LIVE button on VC Control to have a better latency.
    You can now play.

    Mapping knobs on the Push
    - Choose a few parameters to add to Push knobs. As I have the Virus TI Desktop, I only chose knobs buried in the interface and not the classic cutoff and resonance.
    - Then click on Configure on the VC box (you may have to click, turn the knobs on the VC or on the unit you want to map. They should appear.
    - Wrap it inside a group to be able to access it from the Push "Add Track Menu.
    - I didn't figure out a solution to add another part with the VC and the Push.

    Making it expressive
    - I recommend focusing on the Velocity On, Aftertouch & Pitch Bend when you program your patch and map Mod Wheel on the first soft knob.
    - I was not able to get Velocity off to work with the Push.

    Have fun!

    For consistency purposes,
    - FreqShifter Freq (as found in the mod matrix dest) should be renamed to "Filterbank Freq"
    - Freq Shifter Mix (as found in the softknobs dest) should be renamed to "Filterbank Freq"
    - Freq Shifter Frequency (as found in the sofknobs dest) should be renamed to "Filterbank Freq"

    It isn't an issue if you let the two names for retrocompatibility or for helping the users adapt.
    It is just a bit annoying to have to keep in mind if the name has been migrated to the new naming or not.

    The filterbanks features are amazing. The new sound design options can be expanded for just a few little improvements.
    - Please add the stereo phase of the filterbank (especially the comb filter) in the mod matrix.
    This technique is used on the NI Razor: one can get pretty interesting modulation for pads and basses out of this.
    I've been playing manually with the knob, no problem so far.

    You can do this in approximately 30 seconds.

    Ex: You want to fill RAM-A bank with a RAM-A 0 INIT patch.

    1 - Fill the first column (patches RAM-A 0 to RAM-A 15) with the patch INIT you want. To do so, go to the tab Browser in the Virus plugin. Select RAM-A in the upper section, and also RAM-A in the lower section. Drag and drop from the lower section of the browser RAM-A 0 INIT to the upper section of the browser. Each time you do this, you replace a patch with your INIT patch.

    2 - When you reach RAM-A 15, you stop. Here is the magic. Select the first column in the lower browser window. To select all the column, select the first patch RAM-A 0 and click on RAM-A 15 while pressing the SHIFT key of your keyboard. All the patches should be selected.

    3 - Drag and drop the selection to the second column in the upper browser window. Tada! Rinse and repeat til you filled all the columns.

    I can make you a video tutorial if I wasn't clear.

    I get your point and I support this vision.

    The question that may come after is "what is in fine the design philosophy behind the virus?". Complicated to answer, as you really do understand a piece of gear is good for when it starts to be outdated.

    I'm in for creative and innovative features. Just impress me!

    By the way, if anyone is interested in building a guide with me about the different existing waveforms characteristics, just PM me.
    I got lost each time in the wavetables, and go back to the same all the time that I know. A guide could be a great experiment support ;).