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    Hello. I have an Indigo that does not receive Midi when I try to upgrade from OS 4.5.1. I have tried midi-ox, WMP, Ableton, FL Studio, Sound diver, Mystery Island HCM and two different interfaces. The led's show that midi is active going into the instrument, but the virus just remains inert in receive mode, indicating "waiting for data." All possible permutations of instrument parameters have been tried.
    I have had this instrument for two years and every few months I try some new approach, but it never works. I am out of patience and am just ready to pay someone reputable to update the OS and load some new patch banks. It would be simplest to just pull the memory card, send it off and have someone with proper equipment flash a newer OS and patch banks to it.
    Will Access do this? Is there a third party company that will do this?
    Thanks everyone.

    Hello; I am new to this, but not to synths in general.
    I am planning to update OS 4.5.1 on my Indigo to either 4.8 or 4.9. 4.8 is listed on the site for "discontinued" synths, which mine is. But 4.9 is listed under modern OS's as suitable for the B which is also what an Indigo is. Soooo... I guess I will go with the latter. I plan to boldly dump everything to computer and then load the OS (4.9?) via USB to MIDI cable. The ultimate goal will be to somehow someday get to new banks E-H. (I guess). BUT Is this the path of woe for a perfectly functional synth? Or will the new sounds make me happy? Or is there little to gain????
    Thanks for your opinions and guidance...