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    Hey Oli, thanks for jumping in here! Do you have the knob mode set to snap? I'm also doing this directly on the hardware. This is how I'm experiencing the bug on my Ti2 keyboard.

    1. I set the knob response mode to snap.
    2. I load a patch and play some notes on the keyboard.
    3. The patch sounds like all of the soft knobs are turned all the way down to 0 before I start touching any of the controls.
    4. I start turning one of the soft knobs clockwise, but I don't hear any change to the sound. On the display, the stored value of the soft knob shows up in brackets as [127.]
    5. Once I fully turn the knob clockwise to 127, that activates the "snap." At this point, I can turn it back counterclockwise and it will start affecting the sound. The problem with this is that I'll get an audible jump in the sound once I do start turning the knob counterclockwise. I'm clearly hearing a parameter jump from 0 to 126.

    So when I load a patch, the Virus incorrectly thinks that all of the soft knobs have a stored value of 127, but the sound coming from the synth makes it clear that they actually should have a stored value of 0.

    Because you have to pass the knob through the stored value to activate the snap before your knob twiddling will have an audible affect on the sound coming out of the synth, I have to turn the soft knob to 127 before I can use it to affect the sound in real time. The Virus OS thinks that I've correctly activated the snap at 127 and am now smoothly turning the knob counterclockwise back towards 0. But in fact, I'm hearing a jump from 0 126 when this happens.

    Oh. For me that was one of the selling points of the Virus: That it has those assignable soft knobs to tweak sounds when playing live.

    Agreed, but they do not work in snap mode. This is a huge huge bug that makes the knobs useless for live performance. Is there any chance it will ever be fixed or is Access done with Virus updates?

    Hey all. I'm hoping I'm missing something here as this is really frustrating...

    If I set the TI's knobs to "snap" mode in the global config, the soft knobs become practically unusable in a live situation. All of the knobs will claim to have a stored preset value of 127 regardless of where I had them positioned when I saved the patch. But when I load a patch, I don't hear their effects on the sound at all. It's clear that the stored value should be 0 when the patch loads (which is exactly what I want to happen). As a result of this, turning the soft knobs will not effect the sound until I turn them all the way to the right and pass through value 127 to activate the snap. At this point I can turn them down to the left, but this causes a jump in the sound as soon as the knob moves to 126.

    So for example, let's say I've programmed soft knob #3 to be the reverb send on a lead sound. I load the patch and I don't hear any reverb. So far so good. But to get any reverb at all, I have to turn the knob all the way to 127 to activate the snap and then turn it backwards. So I go from no reverb to almost an almost completely wet sound at value 126 as I turn the knob to the left.

    To make matters worse, the TI seems to forget the last value I moved the knob to. So continuing with the example above, let's say I turned the reverb send to 50 and then continued playing the patch for a bit. If I decide I want a little more reverb and I turn the knob to the right a bit to value 70, there is no change in the sound. Instead, I have to turn the knob all the way back to 127 to reactivate the snap and then turn it down to 70. This causes a jump from 50 to 126 before I can turn it back down to 70.

    Is this a bug in the OS or am I missing something completely obvious here? If the TI correctly stored the preset soft knob values at 0, I could just turn them all the way to the left to activate the snap at 0. That's how they should work, right?

    All of the regular knobs behave normally in snap mode. In other words, turning a knob doesn't effect the sound until I pass through the value stored in the preset, at which point turning it left left or right increases or decreases the value. If I come back to the knob 5 minutes later, I can adjust the knob from its current state without having to pass through the preset value again, and the LCD will show me the current value as I adjust it as well as what the stored value is.

    eventually the MIDI driver is not working. updating doesn't rely on the MIDI driver. you might want to check if the OS loads the driver at all and if the driver gets activated when you plug-in the Virus. but that's me all guessing.

    Thanks for the reply Marc. It's strange but neither take place. I can see that the driver has been installed to /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers, but it doesn't show up in Audio/MIDI setup.

    OK thanks. Are there any Hackintosh users that have TI functioning? The Virus doesn't show up as a device in the Audio MIDI Setup and it does not send any MIDI over USB at all. However, I can update the firmware over USB. I don't have any issues with any other USB devices on my system.

    Hey all,

    I was hoping to have a look at the Howard Scarr presets from his old "Programming Analogue Synths" tutorial on my TI. I have not been able to get VC to load in my DAW without the MIDI driver crashing, so I have started using a Ctrlr panel as my librarian, but it can't read files for older Virus models. Is there another way to convert the sounds into a format that I can send to the TI?

    I recently picked up a Virus TI, but I haven't had any luck getting it to work as a plugin in Ableton Live. The Virus Control application does see the Virus, I can update the software over USB, use the Virus as an audio card, but when I load the plugin I always get this error message...

    "MIDI driver failed - the midi driver failed to start or is not properly installed. This can happen if you have too many USB devices connected. Also try installing the software again.

    I've tried unplugging all USB devices except for the Virus but that didn't help.

    I bought this Manhattan MTT USB hub and tried plugging just the virus into it, just my mouse and keyboard with the virus going straight into the motherboard, and all 3 USB devices plugged in to it, but that didn't make a difference either.

    Does anyone have a TI working successfully on their hack system? What did you do to get it to work?

    I'm running a Gigabyte Z87X-UD5-TH motherboard and 4770k processor on Mavericks.